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Last Day On Earth: Survival
Last Day On Earth: Survival
26 Aug,2021
Updated:April 21, 2021/Apr 22, 2021
Size:45MB/732.2 MB
Tags: survive Zombie on-line GTA Pokemon Minecraft Cartoon coc PUBG Fortnite Terraria Roblox MC Zombies Five Nights at Freddy's DRAGON BALL Clash of Clans Cyberpunk 2077

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Last Day on Earth: Survival" is a survival game developed by Kefir Studios and published on Android and iOS.

The game uses a third-person top-down view and a typical mobile action game interface: a heads-up display showing lootable items and enemies is placed in the upper right corner, movement controls and special skills are in the lower left corner, and motion controls such as attack, secondary, interaction, and special moves are in the lower right corner.

In the game, the player has to collect supplies in forests, mines and different special locations to build houses and make weapons/tools. At the same time, players need to satisfy their hunger and thirst. Sometimes there will even be body cleanliness, internal urgency and coldness appear. Players can fight with zombies or hostile survivors and attack hostile players' bases to obtain different rewards. Players can also raise puppies as their companions, protect themselves and go to inaccessible places.

End-world: In 2027, an unknown infection broke out worldwide, and most people have been infected. The virus did not stop there. All the dead have become zombies, and there are still survivors trying to survive on the once huge ruins of the earth.

Now, your power is the power of character survival! Pay attention to the character's living conditions such as hunger and thirst, collect valuable resources to build defense facilities, manufacture weapons and transport various materials. Kill thousands of zombies with the weapon at hand, everything will pass!

Not only should you use your abilities, but also defend invaders or plunder other survivors ’territory on your own land to obtain rare loot and resources. After all, people can do anything for survival.

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How to play

Equip the survivors with the heaviest weapons and destroy hordes of mutant zombies. A decisive position can be reached on the production transport. If you pass the west side of the map, you will enter the online game and be able to interact with other players.

1, all players starting map is the same, the same around the level, only minor differences in props dropped.

2, the crash can be seen as a newbie limited time package, appearing in a fixed way, in and out of an old home twice can be found. Existence length: 1 hour, with two mobile acceleration can scrape clean, provided that you have upgraded the backpack, it is recommended to first plant a good turnip field at home in addition to play two wooden boxes and then go looking for the crash. (Here to add a point: in the home to pick up everything, after up to three boxes can be built, and then the radish field inside put good seeds, seeds are obtained through the collection of grass probability. Then go to the crash site of the second trip to sweep things up, by picking up the wood and stones on the ground to make a tree cutting tools, cutting trees until there is no grid, this time probably up to level 6)

3, the military bunker (Bunker) Alfa can visit directly in the early days, it is recommended to go naked, the door to the dead body on the door card, no enemy on the map, the bunker has food and water, advanced weapons and equipment and part of the late parts, the type and number of items fixed. There is a computer can lose the password but no one knows the password, it is estimated that there are many treasures underground.

4, military bunker Bravo need to get B card to enter, it is recommended to equip a good weapon and bandages, there are ten enemies inside, it is recommended to slowly approach, in pairs to induce annihilation. Other cases with bunker A, but the weapons and equipment more advanced. (This is recommended to learn to do bandages and then go, the equipment obtained in the early stage to stay until this time to use)

5, near the three neighbors look like a living old Wang old Li old Zhao, but in fact are the template attached to the system, because the player's room type is ever-changing, but these three are always a unified model house, the neighbors to the east of the most open, all kinds of things at will, the yard even put a soon to be formed motorcycle, you can go to observe some, it is estimated that as long as the complementary parts you can directly ride away, if you have the backbone, want to rely on If you have a backbone and want to pick up parts to put together a motorcycle, it may take until the end of the year. The neighbors to the north are the closest but most heavily guarded against thieves, except for food and water basically nothing else to gain. The neighbors to the west don't go to the door, his home than the military base is also a thief, surrounded by a whole circle of rejection horse (Spike Trap), can only be seen from afar inside an ATV armored vehicle ......

6, regardless of whether to go to the woods to cut trees or go to the mine mining, encounter the backpack "adventurers" are also automatically generated by the system, the advantage is that the loot is more, do not be polite.

7, about respawn and corpse: will show a special cross mark on the map; died in the woods twice did not find the body, and was killed with a lot of good things, very demoralized, ready to cut off the re-training; so can not die or try not to die, bring bandages or first aid kit.

8, the map will sometimes appear on the merchant for a limited time, at present it does not seem worth going, the merchant will only randomly provide a single transaction of a certain item, although you can do it with him, but you almost impossible to be his opponent

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