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"Code Vein" is a role-playing adventure exploration game. The background of the game is the future world of collapse, and players will toy vampires with supernatural abilities. In the game, players can choose a reliable character as their partner to provide marking and support. Your partner will chase enemies and make joint attacks with you. When the player's HP is zero, the partner can also heal the player. Since the "vampire" is set, the player's alienated organ of the character can be imported into the enemy's body to suck blood.

Rise together

Team up with AI partners or friends in partner multiplayer games and venture into this story-driven dungeon to experience the world of destruction. Use your comprehensive strength to coordinate your methods and defend each other in the event of accidental attacks or overwhelming enemies.

Greater challenges bring greater rewards

Purchasing new equipment, improving the character's taste, becoming more powerful, and able to contend with the lost. From novices to experienced action game veterans, the challenges CODE VEIN brings will make you come back.

Customize your rent

Choose from various weapons such as bayonets, axes, and spears. Enhance the character’s abilities through powerful lineage code enhancements. Each enhancement provides access to a variety of "gifts". These "gifts" can increase power, weaken enemies, and enable you to use new weapon abilities or gain powerful Attack ability. Use your "blood gauze", powerful blood-drawing tools to defeat your opponents. Each tool has its own unique vision and attack style, which brings countless new combat strategies.

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How to play

There are four resources at the player's disposal in the game.

Underblood (commonly known as: blue) represented by the number in the lower right corner.

HP (commonly known as: Blood) represented by the red bar in the lower left corner.

ST (commonly known as: stamina/energy) represented by the white bar.

And the burst bar that is accumulated by actions such as being hit/successfully dodging.

Stamina, also known as the white bar. In your fast running, attack, dodge, defense, bounce back will consume the white bar. Do nothing (only push the joystick to move) will be quickly restored. When you press the defense button, it will slowly recover when you are not attacked. It will not recover during the attack/spell casting process/in the process. Slowly recovers when drinking medicine. Stamina is arguably the most important resource in the game, but also the most overlooked.

In order to use stamina wisely, three points to note.

Don't Shaggy eight slash (roll), don't press run without release, don't press defense without release.

Of course when it comes to skills, it's time to talk about the second resource - meditation blood (blue). In order to let newcomers understand the importance of using skills (meditation blood), I first put a set of damage comparison chart (all equipment are +10 and without any injury passive, using the blood code for the warrior and mage code given at the beginning). Great sword flat slash (level 75 will probably consume 1/6 stamina) 1000 damage. Three consecutive strikes (consuming 5 blue) 4300 damage. Fireball given at the beginning of the mage (consumes 6 blue) 4000 damage. Ava gun of the storage shot (relatively late can get the gun, consuming 2 blue) 1600 damage. This game has an attack called "blood-sucking attack", but this blood-sucking attack is actually back to the meditation blood, which we commonly called blue. The conditions for triggering the blood-sucking attack are long press the blood-sucking attack button/normal attack and press the blood-sucking and running button/bounce back/backstab, etc. The blood-sucking attack will also increase the blue cap after successfully hitting the enemy. This allows some blood codes (such as berserkers) with little blue cap in the preset state to use skills continuously, or to use skills that exceed the current blue cap consumption.

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