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Exos Heroes
Exos Heroes
31 Aug,2023
Updated:October 20, 2021
Developer: LINE Games
Tags: Role-playing simulation action fun Android strategy boys girls anime second gen combat

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Welcome to the mysterious fantasy land where airships soar through the air.

Become a dirigible captain and experience the wide world!

Join Bitru, the ancient dragon, and Gion, the treasure hunter, in this original role-playing game!

Experience this fascinating story unfolding before your eyes.

Fierce battles in a fairy-tale world!

Thrilling skillful action! Experience the true joy of turn-based gaming through strategic combat!

A fantasy world with beautiful character illustrations and breathtaking scenery.

Exos Heroes is an adventure game. In the game players can fight monsters and upgrade. By killing level bosses, you can get weapon strengthening materials, upgrade and unlock new character skills, players can also freely match players to fight, and win with a chance of dropping bonus honor titles.

Players can choose from a variety of character roles; players can collect and experience the strategic matching game, different cards with different effects; the game will also be through the plot of the unfolding, allowing players to adventure in five large cities Oh.

Unique game play, coupled with simple game operation, casual game style, to bring you a different game experience, beautiful game graphics, casual game style, what are you waiting for? The game uses the top Unreal 5 engine to create a more realistic secondary world for the majority of players, multi-professional selection function makes the game play become more its, powerful social mode helps players to meet more friends!

Players can customize their own characters, embark on the adventure road, recruit partners together, set up the most powerful war team, harvest unlimited fun. Players through the continuous play, access to powerful equipment, improve player attributes, easy to defeat the enemy.

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How to play

Exos Heroes is a role-playing game that follows the classic line of such titles on consoles. The game offers an epic adventure set in a fantasy world, similar to the one in Final Fantasy IX. Your task is to save the Earth from destruction with the help of a charismatic character and his friends.

Like other similar games, the battle system in Exos Heroes is turn-based. In battle, you can choose the type of attack for each character, as well as the enemies you want to attack. When you reach a high enough level, you'll be able to automate battles. You can even make battles go faster by doubling up the speed.

The combat in Exos Heroes is fun, but definitely not the most important part of the game. A big part of the game is also the narrative, in which you will meet and interact with many interesting non-game players. Also, you can freely move around the world map (just like in traditional Japanese role-playing games) and visit different locations.

Exos Heroes is an excellent role-playing game that comes close to the Final Fantasy series in every way, by being the best possible. You have a frenetic atmosphere, charismatic characters, a well-designed combat system, and outstanding visuals that make it one of the most representative games of this genre on Android.

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