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Soul Knight
Soul Knight
12 Dec,2022
Updated:August 23, 2021/September 10, 2021
Developer: ChillyRoom
Tags: role-playing simulation iOS Android fun combat strategy drama boys girls action

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Soul Knight game revolves around "the world is in danger, the time is in the era of sword and magic, maintain the balance of the world's magic stone by the alien creatures with high-tech to take away, you can retrieve the magic stone to save the world? The game tells the story of the alien creatures took away the magic stone to maintain the world, players will play the role of knights, assassins and other characters to participate in the game to retrieve the magic stone.

"In the age of gunfire, the magic stone that keeps the world in balance is stolen by high-tech aliens. The world hangs on a thin thread. It all depends on you retrieving the magic stone ......"

Honestly, we can't keep making this up. Let's shoot some alien minions!

This is the game you've always wanted in your subconscious. Explore dungeons, collect crazy weapons, dodge bullets and shoot them all! Extremely simple and intuitive controls; super smooth and enjoyable gameplay mixed with rogue-like elements. By far the best shooter you can find in the mobile store.

Unique heroes with unique abilities. Over 120 weapons waiting to be explored. Randomly generated dungeon worlds for a new experience every time. NPCs that really matter! They'll fight by your side! Auto-targeting mechanics with super intuitive controls.

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How to play

Players will need to control the player's chosen game character as you enter the darkest of dungeons, using a wide variety of weapons and fighting a wide range of terrifying threats. There are over 100 types of weapons that you can use to destroy the monsters on your way.

Check the battle logs and prepare for battle in the lobby, and use weapons, character skills and talents (passive skills) to fight enemies and dodge attacks in the battle to achieve victory.

In total, the game is divided into three major levels and five minor levels, totaling 16 levels. There are 8 kinds of scenario maps, and different monsters are refreshed according to the scenario, and the boss of each level is also different. The refreshing of the scenes is completely random. At the same time, the scene is distributed with various types of boxes, hit by bullets will produce different effects. There are also basic scenes such as the initial hall, the iconic cellar, the garden and additional scenes such as the endless mode.

Levels are designed to be randomly generated, so you'll never play a duplicate level. In the dungeon, each time you enter a new room, you must kill all the monsters to move on.

As you continue to play and get gold, you can also buy various upgrade items for your character. At first, it's not easy to survive in the dungeon for a little while longer, but as your character's skills continue to improve, you'll be able to perform more and more actions.

Enter the new game mode, the player single player mode, the player needs to select a character, and then you can start the game, enter the garden and other operations.

Players can bring one initial weapon into the level, or get additional weapons from the egg machine / starter box. After entering the game, players need to destroy the monsters in the scene to pass the level, players can get energy, gold and other rewards after destroying the monsters. After each room scene is cleared of monsters, a treasure chest will be refreshed in that scene, from which players can also get rewards such as energy, gold and weapons.

Each level will be guarded by a BOSS, killing the BOSS will get a lot of gold, energy and other rewards, and there is a certain probability to get the BOSS limited equipment, and open the portal to the next level.

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