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Hay Day
Hay Day
13 Dec,2022
Updated:6 July 2021/Jul 1, 2021
Size:150M/231.7 MB
Developer: Supercell Oy
Tags: Casual Simulation Android IOS

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Run a farm with ease and reap unlimited joy! You can grow crops such as wheat and corn on your farm and they will thrive even if it never rains. Keep sowing after the harvest to harvest more crops, which you can then process into products to sell. As your farm grows, you can also raise animals such as hens, pigs and cows! Feed the animals and collect the produce they produce, such as eggs, bacon and milk, and then use these products to earn gold, for example by trading with other farmers and fulfilling truck orders.

Go all out and develop your farm, turning a small, ordinary farm into a large, all-inclusive estate. Build production facilities such as bakeries, barbecues and sugar factories to produce and sell a wide range of products and grow your farm business! Sewing machines and looms make beautiful clothes, and cake ovens bake delicious cakes. Everything is possible on this fantasy farm!

Create your own unique farm with a variety of decorations. You can decorate your achievement list hut, truck and roadside shop in a different way. Panda statues, birthday cakes, harps, bass tubas and cellos are just some of the decorations you can add to your farm! Special decorations can make your farm even more beautiful, for example flowers can be used to attract butterflies. Create a farm with your own personal touch and maybe your friends will be inspired to decorate it too!

Complete truck orders and shipping orders to sell crops, goods and resources to in-game characters for experience and gold. Upgrade your farm to unlock a roadside shop to sell more goods and crops.

Play the valley with your friends and enrich your farm life experience. Join or create a community and swap game tips with community members to help each other build a beautiful farm! Each community can have up to 30 farmers!

Download now and create the best farm of your choice!

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How to play

Your uncle is unable to look after his farm, so he has handed over the responsibility of looking after it to you. The game starts with a scarecrow and provides the player with a farming tutorial. By selling crops/products, players can earn coins that can be used to buy production buildings, pets and decorative items. In doing so, they can also gain experience (XP) and use this to improve their level. As the game progresses, the player is introduced to Angus, a friend of the uncle, who provides fishing tutorials. Earlier in the game, the player is also introduced to Greg, who comes to your farm and asks for items, or places them in his 'roadside shop' where the player can buy them. Greg is a non-player character (NPC).

Players form small 'neighbourhoods' where members can help each other out when needed (e.g. by requesting multiple items) and can also chat with each other. Players can also trade goods with other friends or neighbours nearby.

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