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Slice It All
Slice It All
13 May,2021
Updated:April 14, 2021/May 11, 2021
Developer: Voodoo
Tags: Casual Puzzle Simulation

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Slice It All! is a puzzle casual action game made by Voodoo, in this game you will become the master of slicing, use your knife to freely cut the items in front of you, and keep accumulating points to become the king of slicing!

Slice It All! is a cutting game created by Voodoo, a famous foreign magical game company, where you can freely wield your sharp knives to cut various items in front of you and feel the thrill of cutting freely, the game setting of constantly jumping and the natural fall of the comfortable cutting action in tandem to achieve a comfortable gaming experience. With the setting of cutting everything, with natural jumping visual effects, so that every operation in the game is so natural.

Slice It All!" as a standard ultra-casual hand game, through a simple, magical combination of gameplay, brings players a relaxing, stress-relieving game experience, from the cross-sectional details, cutting smoothness, rich knife skin and many other aspects of all-round improvement.

1, super cool vent-style game play super wonderful, and simple operation can have a better experience.

2, and 3D technology to create the items look very real, your goal is to cut all the things in half.

3, although there is no complex control, but also very test technology, so you can experience a better way to play.

This game we will use a variety of props across all the obstacles in front of us to move forward, not only obstacles to block there are many traps and animals will attack us Oh, but this game in the many levels to play is also very decompression, different levels also bring different fun.

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How to play

Players in the game control a variety of odd knives to flip, using knives to cut a variety of objects to earn points, and eventually turn into a master slicer. Simple and interesting gameplay, rich and diverse props to be cut, a full range of knives, to bring players a new game experience.

Click on the screen to jump up, in the process of falling can be smoothly cut a variety of props, the game's rich cut props is to continue the life of the game's biggest highlight, from Lego blocks to square brick water pipe, from pencil eraser to a variety of expressions, a variety of props have everything, only you can not think, not you can not see.

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