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Fancy Pants Adventures
Fancy Pants Adventures
15 Oct,2021
Updated:October 14, 2021/October 14, 2021
Developer: Over the Top Games S.L.
Tags: Casual simulation role-playing adventure fun iOS Android simple boys girls action

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Fancy Pants Adventures is a very fun casual breakout game, this game is very simple style, but playable but very strong. The game requires the player to operate a matchmaker in fancy pants all the way to save his sister, the game has a lot of weapon types, you can unlock new weapons by constantly passing the level, and the character has some special moves for you to develop.

Travel through dense forests, underwater caves and pirate ships in search of your kidnapped sister in this epic platformer. Trample, kick, and slash your enemies with 40 melee weapons and an array of moves. Battle pirates, ninjas, giant penguins and more!

The richness of the game content "in the dense forest, underwater caves and pirate ship running, there are 40 melee weapons, there are islands, ninja penguins and many other Bosses" from this paragraph can see the game contains a large number of scenes and props, the entire game design is very grand, the level is also very much, according to some pass players said less than 100% completely pass the small partners.

Although the overall style of the game are very simple, but the playability is very strong, with a certain degree of difficulty, the player needs to operate a matchmaker wearing flower pants along the way to use a variety of weapons to defeat the enemy through the difficulties to save their sister.

Cartoon painting style is full of childish fun, a variety of breakthrough play to experience.

The fast adventure to defeat all the enemies, fingertips to break through to show the flexibility of the body.

Bloodthirsty combat adventure to explore different places, countless difficulties waiting for you to face.

Very flexible mode of operation, the perfect release of skills, unlock more fun new ways to play.

Powerful operation, and unique combat elements, cartoon graphics, at any time to a passionate adventure.

Rich game levels, you can fight with some bosses in the map to the end!

In such a world, you have to fight to finish your road to victory, become the world's first adventurer it!

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How to play

The game's operation is very smooth, is a parkour-style game, divided into a variety of worlds, the world contains a number of levels, the game is mainly in English, but the winning operation is simple, very easy to learn.

The game's protagonist is a cool matchmaker wearing yellow shorts, the game, the player can use the ground slope to make the protagonist run faster and faster, and even be able to make a 360-degree flip action out. In addition to running and collecting stars, the shorts boy may also encounter some enemies, this time the player can let him use his feet to stomp the enemy stunned, and then use his body to crash him away.

Fancy pants adventure a casual game, the game's protagonist and each scene details are drawn in a simple and humorous hand-drawn style, a long and short hair and a conspicuous orange pants is the main character of the game. Players must control the orange pants man in the world of various scenes of adventure, to save his kidnapped sister. Game scenes from home to the jungle, the mysterious cave under the water and the sea thrilling pirate ship, dodging spiders, bats, pirates or big penguins at home to complete the level. The goal in the game is to collect all the stars seen on the way.

In the game players need to let the boy pants constantly looking for the door to the next level, you can also find small gifts on the way, collect small gifts can help the boy pants to make up for the loss of physical strength, collected to a certain number can also increase the number of lives, if you accidentally hit the monster will also be sprayed, then you must quickly pick it back, or it will be lost.

Will adventure and fighting and some other gameplay blend together, players can enjoy.

operation is super simple, easy to get started, and the game's immersion mode is also very good.

Complete the map challenge mission, there will be many powerful adventures will be open to unlock later!

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