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Plunger Hero
Plunger Hero
14 May,2021
Updated:April 14, 2021/April 14, 2021
Developer: Voodoo
Tags: Leisure

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Plunger Hero" is more like a variation of an action shooter, with a sucker punch that looks like a kid's toy attack compared to the traditional archery gameplay, making it more accessible to a wide age group of users. On the other hand, the enemies in the game have also changed from real human shapes to other shapes similar to toys, avoiding some physical discomfort. Easy to understand, easy to operate, immersive, and skin-rich setting, the

In the game's background, scene construction, can be described as extremely simple, but in the construction of the character but presents a very rich and delicate design, solid-colored background, simple scenes, exquisite realistic and full of physical effects of the balloon man role, not only in the process of moving forward to give the player a great sense of pressure, but also after being killed scattered everywhere rolling, as if the real sphere scattered general.

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How to play

The gameplay of "Plunger Hero" is simple and fun, in which the only action players need to control is to jump from one building to another and shoot the giants to pull them and make them partially broken.

The best players can step on individual parts in just a few seconds to link them together.

Simple and intuitive controls and addictive game mechanics. Tap the balloon on the enemy's body to shoot the sucker, slide the screen to retrieve it, wait for the enemy's body to collapse naturally, and then you can advance to the next scene within the level. If you do not shoot the balloon man's head, then perhaps need more than one step to make it disintegrate.

Kill the balloon man theme fun casual free hand game. Players in the game with a powerful suction cup crossbow, aim for their own balloon man, in the shot suction cup will be sucked back to pull the balloon man to hit, win the game through the various levels. Players in the game will face the challenge of balloon people from a variety of different terrain, different styles of painting.

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