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Monster Legends: Collect them
Monster Legends: Collect them
19 Nov,2021
Updated:November 4, 2021/November 4, 2021
Developer: Socialpoint
Tags: Casual Simulation Build Fun iOS Android Puzzle Simple Girls Boys Action Battle Raising

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Monster Legends is a monster card strategy game that integrates nurturing, strategy and adventure. The home of the cute little monsters is being invaded by unknown monsters, so it is urgent to build and defend it! In the game you must tame the most powerful beasts of legend like a real tamer to help you fight, and you must breed the fearsome hybrid battle monsters like a biologist and feed them to gain new skills. Hurry up and bring your most powerful monsters, a world full of magic, danger and unknown monster opponents is waiting for you!

Breed and train monsters of all elements and rarity! Build your fighting strength and face the ultimate challenge: battle against other Monster Masters!

Monster Legends is a great game. In this battle game you must lead your monster legends in arena battles. Legendary and epic monsters need to be bred, fed and trained. By enhancing your combat power, you will have to face the ultimate challenge and fight against other monster masters in real time.

You will need to collect monsters, choose different skills and improve your strategy in battle-filled battles. In this Monster Legends game, you can start by creating a world for monsters to live in, in which you have to fill habitats and breed new species.

Explore the world of Monster Legends and the stories of its inhabitants. First build a city for your monster, populate it with habitats, and breed new species! Then, collect monsters and choose your strategy in action-packed battles.

You'll find an incredible variety of monsters in the game's time-limited events. So far, powerful rarities have been discovered and you will be able to master new mythical monsters.

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How to play

Monster Legends is a simple and fun game where the player's goal is to collect and tame a variety of monsters and evolve them, such as fire-breathing dragons, gorillas, rampaging sea serpents and other monsters.

The game requires players to create habitats for different monsters and let the monsters grow naturally. This means that not only do you need to create living places for the monsters, but you also need to build buildings that provide resources and food for the monsters, both of which are essential for the evolution of the monsters.

In total, the game contains more than 900 monsters. There are original and upgraded versions of monsters. The evolution of monsters is also similar to games like 'Pocket Monsters'. The physical characteristics of the monsters will evolve and change as they level up, and they will also gain new abilities.

Wait for unique monsters, with new ones appearing every week!

Breed monsters of different elements and rarities to create cool new species.

Get an incredible variety of monsters in the game's limited-time events.

Role-play game progression and strategy, upgrade your monsters for future battles, and rank them in the Monster Lab.

Power up monsters with runes, relics, beasts, and talents to gain an advantage in battle. Set up strategies that combine attackers, tanks, and control monsters.

Real-time multiplayer battles to challenge other Monster Masters in real-time live duels.

Fight for trophies, rewards and access to top leagues in multiplayer mode.

Your monster paradise, build your breeding mountain, farm and habitat now! Unlock special buildings like the Library and Monster Lab.

Don't go it alone, join a team and enjoy exclusive events like wars and marathons. Use team chat to strategize with your teammates.

The game allows players to compete with opponents from all over the globe, and through these competitions you can try to climb to the top of the world leaderboard.

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