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Mars: Mars
Mars: Mars
23 Nov,2021
Updated:November 22, 2021/November 21, 2021
Developer: Pomelo Games
Tags: casual fun iOS Android puzzle exploration girls boys action free simple

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In it, you have to be very careful to jump from one platform to another. Going too far or getting too close won't work, but luckily, you have a jet that allows you to make slight adjustments to your direction and landing speed.

You need to control the astronaut to explore Mars scientifically, but the astronaut's jetpack can only fly a short distance at once, so you can only reach the next platform to refill before running out of fuel, the game is quite challenging to operate.

Control the jets left and right to maintain balance and move forward. Once the jet tank is empty, the astronaut will lose control, and once the astronaut touches the ground, it will fall to pieces.

Controlling your pilot's flight is not easy. Click on the left or right side of the screen to turn on the left or right thrusters of your jet. Clicking on both sides at the same time activates both thrusters, allowing you to cushion your landing. The main problem is that your jet's fuel is very limited.

As you progress through the game, you can collect coins that can be used to unlock new characters. The best bit? Each of the ten characters you can unlock has its own setting. This means you can swap Mars and your pilot for a caveman in the jungle, or a diver in the middle of the ocean, or even Douglas Quaid from Total Recall.

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