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Crowd Battle 3D
Crowd Battle 3D
12 May,2021
Updated:May 7, 2021/May 6, 2021
Size:50.33 MB/177.46MB
Developer: TapNation

For reference, Crowd Battle 3D game download websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.


Crowd Battle 3D is a mix of an auto-execution program and a strategy game that sees you nailing a path, collecting new fighters and eventually throwing them all at the castle to destroy it. It's a pretty silly game, but if you want to get the most out of the game, then you definitely need to understand the experience. 

Expand your crowd! Get past the traps! And destroy the castle!

Bundle Crowd Battle 3D with dozens of levels for your enjoyment anytime, anywhere. Become a crowd leader and win your followers starting today!

It's time to fire at buildings, aiming for the lower parts which will make the tops crash and provide you with better damage. Shooting at higher areas is really just a waste of ammunition, so only change your target when the building collapses and you need to clear the last few pieces.

The game is designed in a very sophisticated cartoon style, bringing players a new casual breakout game, players need to control their characters in the game constantly running forward, in front of you there will be a variety of obstacles, players must be flexible to dodge in order to successfully pass, each level will give players a different breakout experience.

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How to play

Single click on the right moment to stop the moving cube and safely make your character reach the finish line.

Multi-level design, refreshing theme and super addictive gameplay that makes this game a pleasure to play.

Very simple game play that makes it quick for everyone to get started and the matching is still super fast.

the player can collect a variety of different characters and different characters have different abilities.

the more villains you collect, the more powerful you will be and the easier it will be to defeat the bosses.

There will be a lot of obstacles and players need to be flexible to avoid them.

operation requirements are really not high, but the player can try various props and the adventure will surely be rewarded.

game graphics in cartoon style, making the game more interesting and the way forward becomes more peculiar.

Flexible acceleration and deceleration to avoid more dangers, the more difficult the more exciting, bringing you a new breakthrough experience.

In the game, players can play very easily and happily, the control here is very simple, players only need one hand to operate, is a casual game that allows you to easily pass the boring time at any time and place, suitable for players of all ages to play.

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