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Cut the Rope
Cut the Rope
9 Nov,2023
Updated:July 21, 2021/July 17, 2021
Developer: ZeptoLab UK Limited
Tags: casual puzzle physics cute fun relaxing free strategy iOS Android girls boys logic cartoon

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Cut the Rope is a fun classic puzzle physics game where a magical accident transports Om Nom to a mysterious world and begins an exciting adventure through dense forests, bustling cities, garbage dumps and underground tunnels, all with one goal in mind - candy! Along the way, he meets some Nommies, who are this little green monster's helpers in his candy collection! There are fun puzzles all over the place, waiting to challenge you. Can you use Om Nom's new skills to break the evil wizard's trap? You must cut a series of ropes to try to feed some candy to the hungry little monster! You must cut these ropes. A mysterious package has arrived and the monsters only want one thing: candy. In order to complete each level, you must try to release the candy.

You need to cut various ropes, snack OmNom in order to eat delicious candy, try a variety of strange methods. Overcome different difficulties and feed the candy to the cute green creatures.

Your goal is to get the candy to the monster's mouth. During the game, you can use a variety of different tricks such as swinging through ropes or inflatable tools to make the candy fall into the bubbles. At the same time, you need to avoid dropping the candy, avoiding the spikes and also preventing being eaten by spiders.

Handing over the candy to our green kids is not a difficult task; but it is not easy to collect all the pentagrams. The game graphics are gorgeous with shiny stars and realistic images of soap bubbles. The whole game is controlled by contact points, and players need to cut the rope to deliver the candy to om nom's mouth and collect the gold stars to discover the hidden paintings and unlock new levels. It is with this design that the playability of the game is greatly enhanced.

This time, our cute snacker has stumbled into the world of magic by mistake, and it has acquired the magic of transformation.

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How to play

The game starts with a cute cut scene. The doorbell rings, a package arrives, and the little monster is waiting to be fed! So begins the game of cutting the rope to feed the candy to the hungry monster. So began the game of cutting the rope to feed candy to the hungry monster. The monster inside has only one wish - to eat as much candy as possible. That's why players must strive to get the most three stars in each level - feeding the monster three candies. Collect gold stars to discover hidden prizes and unlock exciting new levels in this addictive, award-winning physics game.

In the game, players cut the string so that candy can break the stars around it yet get into Om Nom's mouth. If the candy does not end up (i.e., leaves the game screen), the level will not be completed. If the candy can enter the monster's mouth, the level will be completed and the next level will be unlocked. After completing the level, the player will receive a rating from one to three stars, and the player can retry as many times as they want, and of course they can replay previous levels they have played to try to get a higher rating.

You must also work to collect gold stars as well as discover hidden prizes. This award-winning game features challenging puzzles, great animations and lovely music.

It sounds easy, but you have to calculate the physics ahead of time, and it's not as easy as you might think! You must work your way through each level and try to discover the hidden prizes. Work your way through each level and try to keep Om Nom fed. Be sure to go back and replay each level to try and get three stars on all of them! Can you collect them all? Can you collect them all?

Remember, if a player only gets one of the requested candies, they only get one star for that level. To complete the game 100%, all three stars must be obtained.

When cutting the rope, players must consider the swing of the rope and how it will fall. They must try to predict the swing and the path it will take. In addition, timing is key - sometimes the rope must be cut at the right time so that it swings to the stars below.

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