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Paper Fold
Paper Fold
26 Jun,2023
Updated:May 10, 2021/May 10, 2021
Developer: Good Job Games Bilisim Yazilim ve Pazarlama AS
Tags: Casual puzzle

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Paper Fold Paper Fold is a simple and interesting way to help players improve their picture recognition, memory, logical thinking and other abilities. On the one hand, players can see the different shapes of each part in the process of folding, on the other hand, when trying the order of origami, you need to have a detailed knowledge of the specific content of each part, as well as the relationship between them, in order to follow the correct order of origami, and finally get the complete graphics.

The patterns within the levels are however very rich. The game's backdrop provides a variety of different patterns and styles in addition to solid colors, reducing the consequences of aesthetic fatigue caused by a single background. On the other hand, each level of the game provides a realistic, cute and lively shape, either for animals, plants, or other items, the rich theme makes players more curious about what items will appear in the next level.

Origami theme fun puzzle free hand game. The game provides different types of pictures in each level, so that players can fold them in a certain order to form a complete pattern. Simple operation, interesting gameplay, logical thinking training, bring players a relaxed, casual, stressful game pleasure.

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How to play

The game is simple but complex, simple because the operation of the game is very simple, click the part that needs to be folded to complete the operation, complex because the process of the game, the judgment and selection of the order of origami is the part that makes players really obsessed. How to quickly and accurately complete the pattern in the level through origami will be the most important part of the game. The rich variety of level materials is also an important part of the game.

For the player's memory, recognition ability and logical thinking has obvious help. Only with a full understanding of the content of the parts to be folded, you can better judge the sequence of each part, in order to finally fold the correct pattern.

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