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Bounce and collect
Bounce and collect
26 Jun,2023
Updated:April 27, 2021/April 22, 2021
Developer: Voodoo
Tags: Casual

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Bounce and collect It is a very fun adventure game in which players collect balls to break through the game, and the right path can increase the number of balls, so that you can break through the game with a higher score.

Bouncing ball breakthrough game is very happy and easy to play the ball collection breakthrough game, casual and happy game process, free to breakthrough, to feel the relaxed and enjoyable game process, free to challenge different tasks, enjoy the wonderful game process, many levels, constantly practice, improve skills, accumulate experience, better to collect more balls, different levels, different scenes and difficulty settings, extremely challenging.

1, super props to help you win the game, the role and experience is great, smoothly through the level it.

2, do not just shake the phone, the difficulty is very high interesting game scenes, reasonable course of action to open up.

3, the picture is quite good, detail processing are very reasonable, romantic era has been completed, come together to play.

4, wonderful bouncing ball collection game, different difficulty level tasks, increase the sense of novelty.

5、Continue to practice breaking in, each level will give you a different experience, surprise constantly.

6, enjoy the challenge of the puzzle, get a lot of rewards to pass, unlock props, easy to pass.

The game is very addictive, suitable for passing time and relaxation, if you like it, come and download it!

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How to play

This game is very simple to operate and play is also quite decompression, we need to continuously dump the bouncing ball from the cup, in the collision wall at the same time to get more points, in the collision of the yellow wall can make the score double Oh, and our goal is to make the number of bouncing more.

The difficulty will increase as you level up, ensuring an entertaining experience. There will be small balls of many colors, and all you have to do is collect these specific balls, and the various elements of the game make for superb gameplay that is great fun. You can always challenge the limits of your skills.

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