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Dungeon Village 2
Dungeon Village 2
13 May,2021
Updated:April 15, 2021
Developer: Kairosoft
Tags: Strategy Simulation Adventure Android

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In Dungeon Village 2 players are placed under the control of a role-playing video game town and asked to expand the town and attract heroes to live in it. The story of the brave begins in your town!

Grasslands, snowy lands, and actually a magical realm! Experience the joy of building a town in a variety of maps. Build inns, weapon shops, defence stores and other facilities and then be visited by adventurers who come to clean up the monsters.

Give equipment or props to the adventurers and help them with their quests. Uncharted mazes occasionally appear outside the town and monsters are created accordingly. Defeat them in large numbers to gain money and experience.

Facilities, food or nature ...... As the town grows, these points of attraction will be recognised as town features and bring titles. Some of these titles are particularly rare. ......?

As amenities and titles increase, the popularity of the town rises and there may be adventurers who wish to settle there.

This game still has many monsters full of personality!

Some of the monsters are even more reliable companions for the adventurers?

By providing snacks to increase friendliness you can ride the monsters into battle and take your battle power to the next level.

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How to play

The main objective of the game is to attract heroes to your town and guide them into battle against monsters outside the city limits. In order to attract heroes, players must host city events that attract outside attention and fame, and must improve their city by constructing new buildings. As monsters arrive, players can direct heroes to perform tasks and give them gifts to make them more friendly to the city.

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