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Zoo - Happy Animals
Zoo - Happy Animals
10 Jan,2023
Updated:November 13, 2022/November 27, 2022
Developer: SayGames LTD
Tags: casual puzzle iOS Android boys girls fun simple simulation action

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Zoo - Happy Animals is a fun and informative game set in a zoo and is a relaxing game in which you can interact with many animals. This game is suitable for children because it is a puzzle game, there is no complicated game play and it does not limit the children to explore the game.

This Zoo - Happy Animals game is set in a zoo, so when you enter the game you are in charge of the zoo and you need to take care of the animals and interact with them. Breakthrough, which means they will not experience any boring moments in the game.

The animals in the game are cartoon types, so younger players won't feel scared during the game, and your kids will love playing this animal-related game, which is also a puzzle game that inspires kids' brains to think and also improves hands-on skills for players, and it allows kids to interact with every animal they see in the environment, just like Now enter Zoo - Happy Animals to take care of your little animals and feed them and trim their fur.

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How to play

This Zoo - Happy Animals game is very interesting to play, the game has more content, you can choose to feed the hippo in the game, in the process you need to feed real food into the mouth of the hippo, such as watermelon, pears, carrots, tomatoes and other food to feed the hippo, but in the process of feeding the hippo there will be a lot of interference, such as iron and stones, etc., when the hippo When the hippo eats these distractions, it will show very angry.

Or you can also choose the classification of animals, you need to sheep, lions, monkeys and other animals, you need to shut them correctly into the fence, and each fence will have a prompt, when the fence has reached the number of animals will need to shut this animal into another fence, this small game is very educational.

You can also choose to help the monkey eat its favorite bananas in the game, at the beginning you are controlling a monkey running, but when you are running you need to collect other monkeys on the track to complete the parkour, the more you collect the more you can help you pass the game level, and in the process of parkour there will be some Some obstacles will make you lose some of the monkeys, so you need to be careful to avoid them.

There are many interesting mini-games in the game, you can also guide the feeders in the game through the correct route to feed the food in their hands to the animals, in the process there will be sheep on the road to interfere with your passage, as well as elephants will spray water through their trunks to knock you down, so you need to use the correct path to feed the hungry animals mouth.

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