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Rob Master 3D
Rob Master 3D
13 May,2021
Updated:May 10, 2021/May 11, 2021
Tags: Casual

For reference, Rob Master 3D game download websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.


Rob Master 3D is a casual role-playing game where players can play as Rob Master, and you will experience a comprehensive game about stealing treasures by completing more obstacles and finally identifying the authenticity of the treasures.

Rob Master 3D game can truly recreate the process of stealing, can succeed depends on personal skills, the completion of the situation is quite realistic, thinking progress is particularly wonderful, such experience is the most rare, pay attention to the good way to do, such opportunity is the most rare, after a long time to choose to succeed.

Play with charming and clever criminals and try to infiltrate various places in order to collect precious items. A variety of mini-games will relieve all your stress. Become a master of robbery! You can feel the rich game content here, you can play as Rob to experience more intense and exciting adventure, infiltrate into different scenes to present more game experience, need players to improvise, come download and try it!

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How to play

1,Players need to play within the game to become Master Rob, who is a great master thief.

2, you need to complete the theft of treasures according to the target provided, need to face more tests.

3, whether it is to open the lock, or to find the corresponding items, to avoid patrols, etc., are required to complete you.

4, the game is rich in gameplay content, players can also experience a unique puzzle play here.

5, try to find the corresponding key, to help themselves out of danger.

6, the game is also required to identify the authenticity of the treasure, select the corresponding keys can be.

7, the player can experience the most comprehensive content, and here to expand the game content.

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