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Tap Titans 2
Tap Titans 2
16 Aug,2022
Updated:April 27, 2021/April 27, 2021
Developer: Game Hive Corp.
Tags: RPG GTA Pokemon Minecraft Cartoon coc PUBG Fortnite Terraria Roblox MC Zombies Five Nights at Freddy's DRAGON BALL Clash of Clans Cyberpunk 2077

For reference, Tap Titans 2 game download websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.


"Siege Titans 2" is a finger casual entertainment game with a juggernaut theme. In the game, players can customize the attributes of hero characters, unlock powerful skills, create a cool equipment system, build exclusive heroes, upgrade loyal pets to fight for you, and summon heroes to fight against the giant titans. Collect mission rewards and start the journey to the top!

A casual point-and-click role-playing game for all players that will keep you on your toes. The Titans are back, so join the adventure and tap your way to victory!

Tap to Kill Titans 2 introduces a redone Horde system and bigger and stronger Titan Lords. You and your friends can now join tribal raids against armies of Titan Lords who offer individual attack scores. Build skill decks to increase the efficiency of your battles. Winning Horde Raids rewards you with tons of gold and skills!

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How to play

Daily sign-in rewards, weapons, pets and skill trees. Compared to previous games, it is very quiet. bgm finally returned to normal this time, but after playing for a while, it is easy to upgrade the level.

๏ The Hero Scrolls earned by completing raid battles allow you to further upgrade your Sword Mastery!

๏ Titan Lords entering the raid arena have a whole new way of fighting! Dismantling individual pieces of armor can expose the even weaker skeletons inside!

๏ Collecting cards is a whole new way to increase the strength of your Sword Master and gain powerful passive and active skills to slaughter Titans!

๏ Stardust is the new collectible currency that can be used to upgrade and craft collectible cards.

๏ Tribal upgrades include tribal experience points and raid tickets, giving you even more reasons to interact closely with other Sword Masters!

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