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War Dragons
War Dragons
17 Mar,2022
Updated:March 15, 2022/March 15, 2022
Developer: Pocket Gems, Inc.
Tags: strategy simulation iOS Android combat boys girls build fun

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War Dragons is a strategic action game, the game has a very exquisite graphics, using the effect of 3D, wonderful painting style, the picture is very three-dimensional.

Visually stunning, players will collect a variety of powerful flying dragons, this legendary creature can bring devastating power.

Conquer the wild with ambition on the battlefield! You can tame and breed giant beasts on the island and build an exclusive army of them, which will become your most powerful weapons and helpers. Unlike other strategy games where everything has to be done by humans, in Behemoth Battlefield, the beasts will help you plant fields, build houses, conquer cities and territories, unlocking a whole new experience of strategy games!

This is a relaxed, collection and raising fun, strategic depth of placement game. The battle design selects the classic turn-based gameplay, the operation threshold is low and easy to start, you dragon tamer need to study the character position, lineup with and skills with in-depth pre-war strategy, you can achieve a variety of control flow, outbreak flow, anti-damage flow, sustain flow and other combat styles, but also according to the mutual restraint relationship between the elemental races.

You also need to manage the defense of your own base, otherwise you will become the target of the enemy.

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How to play

The game controls a group of dragons that breathe fire and can also apply powerful spells. You can't move your dragon when making an attack, but you can control the abilities it uses.

In the battle session your war dragon will fly over the enemy camp and when the dragon flies over it will do damage to everything. You also have to build your own base, build guilds to cooperate with other players, or become the most powerful and evil dragon taming emperor of all.

When you're not engaged in war, you can control and manage your base. You'll need buildings to nurture your dragons, but also plenty of tower defenses to avoid enemy attacks.

These dragons have different attack styles, spell skills and classes.

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