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Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer
Football Strike Multiplayer Soccer
18 Aug,2022
Updated:May 18, 2022/June 3, 2022
Size:202.53 MB/202.53 MB
Developer: Miniclip SA
Tags: Soccer casual sports iOS Android girls boys simulation fun

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Have you ever fantasized about participating in a compelling soccer match in real life? Have you ever wanted to stand on a world class soccer field and participate in a competition? There may be many in the lives of ordinary people who are soccer enthusiasts and treat soccer as a sport, and when you stand on a world-class soccer field and win the World Cup, which is participated by national level teams from all over the world and symbolizes the highest honor in soccer.

Whether you are a fan or a professional in this Football Strike soccer game you can feel the smooth soccer shooting experience, if you are a fan then you can experience the fun of soccer through this game, if you are a professional you will feel the real life soccer game in the game is not the same, in this Football Strike game you all In this Football Strike game you can enjoy the victory cheer, where you will play as a soccer player, by using your finger to tap your character to kick a standard ball.

In this game you can also compete with other soccer fans, meaning you can match up with random players from all over the world to challenge them, or you can choose to play in the one-on-one free kick mode and challenge each other with your opponent as a striker and goalkeeper in turn!

The control system is very sophisticated and the graphics are very close to reality, where you can feel the loud cheers, your audience will cheer for you when you hit the target of the goal, just like the real world, you can also accept the unique soccer challenge in the game, when you win the challenge you can also unlock your own medals. Get into the game now and show your soccer skills and you will surely win this soccer victory.

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How to play

In this game gameplay it is fun and simple if you are a new player you will also be very easy to learn, although the game play is simple, but can bring you endless soccer fun, in the mode of play you can choose to one-on-one for single player challenge, then your goal is to make yourself very accurate in this limited time to hit the ball basket on the target so that you score more than your opponent. This only requires you to swipe your finger on the screen you can control your character, and the game is very friendly, when you control your character kicking the game will appear on the screen of a secondary targeting lines, you do not have to worry about not being able to hit the target.

Football Strike also offers an entertainment mode where you can choose to shoot your ball into the opponent's goal, but of course, it is also important to note that you need to prevent the opponent from scoring by controlling the goalkeeper while you are attacking, when the opponent wants to score, you need to slide your finger to control your goalkeeper to pounce on the ball to prevent the opponent from scoring, when you attack you also need to simply slide your finger on the screen You can kick the ball to the goal and direction you choose and the right timing to ensure that the goal will be scored.

Now enter the game you can play any mode you want, because your goal is the same, is to score as many goals as possible, directly to the most exciting and exciting part of the game: the penalty shootout. Win in this exciting soccer match, open different soccer match points, as well as unlock different scenes of soccer locations, what are you hesitating to get into the game and participate in the exciting match.

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