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The Survival Hungry Games 2
The Survival Hungry Games 2

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Hunger Games is an exciting shooting game based on a magical world. This magical world is full of obstacles. As long as you can kill your enemies and survive, you are the ultimate winner. The quality and consideration of this game is very high. All the graphics are very good. In addition, the colors are soft. Thus, the whole background is both interesting and charming.

As for the content of the game, all the story segments are logical and exciting. It is difficult to stop any mission in the middle. All the missions are innovative. They are different from the traditional missions included in other old shooters. It's good to try something new. But don't worry about its skill requirements.

Many years have passed since the rescue of the pixelated survival heroes from many lonely nights. Until now, the rebuilt town has remained peaceful, where you must once again lead the remaining surviving heroes of ...... on more crafts, building, survival and monster hunting! Exploring, hunting monsters, collecting loot, harvesting resources, building and building bases, and surviving are all part of the survival game! If all you want to do is kill and survive, then join the survival game realm and face endless waves of monsters! There will be different worlds to explore, monsters to hunt, loot to collect, craftable items and traps to build for your survival! Play alone in online multiplayer, or with 3 friends or strangers! Share resources, strategies and experience survival together! There are many secrets waiting for you in Pixel Survival Game 2. Featured Games -Online multiplayer for up to 4 players, LAN not available (works with friends list) -Find monster eggs and hatch them into super cool pets! -Hundreds of items to discover -Craft mysterious items through secret combinations -3 different modes (arena, survival, adventure) -Lots of traps to prepare you for survival -Monster hunting -Survival games -Boss fights! Tip: The game is inherently difficult. You will need to figure out a lot of things, but there are QUESTS available to provide rewards that

Tips for completing treasure chests: Silver chests - most items, loot opportunities based on item rarity Gold chests - most equipment and cards, loot opportunities based on item rarity Master chests - most equipment and cards, equivalent loot opportunities Combination tips: Combining different items together can create an entirely new item. If there is a recipe, you will see the product. If there is nothing to do, it will say "Unknown". Each recipe has a success rate for the combination. To increase the success rate, you can add a combination roll (+ 35%) or a combination from the "Combination Book" (+ 50%). New recipes will be added to the "Combination Book" from time to time. Please remember to use the in-game button to exit/quit the game in order to save your items properly. Please note that uninstalling the game will also delete the game data.