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Merge Matters - House Design
Merge Matters - House Design
26 Oct,2021
Updated:October 19, 2021/October 24, 2021
Developer: GreenPixel Ltd
Tags: Casual simulation build merge remodel iOS Android classic fun girls boys free elimination puzzle

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Emily's story from Merge Matters is a mystery. Emily, her husband Oscar, and their 6-month-old son Oliver were enjoying family life until something strange happened. The couple received a letter with no return address and then Oscar disappeared.

Now, Emily and her son are alone in her villa. In order to find clues about her husband's disappearance, she has to do house restoration and fix everything that is damaged. They just recently moved in, so there's a lot of stuff to fix!

To help Emily find her husband, you must clean the building, rearrange it and repair the damaged things, from the faucets to the electricity to the furniture. Throughout the game, you will meet Emily's parents, bankers and detectives. As the game progresses, new evidence about Oscar's disappearance will be uncovered. Fix the house and find new evidence to help Emily reconnect with her husband.

Merge Matters is a great new addition to Merge Games! Explore Emily's property while finding her husband and playing home design games.

Discover surprising revelations about Oscar's disappearance and the mysterious items in the house. There is always new evidence to be discovered and more room for organization. Use merge magic and engage in games to help Emily turn her frown upside down!

 Objects that seem useless now may come in handy later. Collect objects and turn them into useful tools by merging them. Use these objects to repair the house.

MANSION & GARDEN DECORATION - Oscar and Emily have just bought their dream home in their town. It's a perfect match for them! Well, almost. With Oscar gone, it falls to Emily to clean and decorate. Show off your exquisite taste and help the heroine decorate her new house. Make sure the furniture is matching, or go crazy and combine different styles. Completely remodel the mansion and explore Emily's sweet garden in our home decoration game!

In the game, there is a very cute cartoon game style and a new way to play, we need to dress up our own house, you can constantly open a lot of new rooms, the style of super cute synthesis game, you can apply different props, to relax and entertain, to carry out a variety of daily tasks, to collect a lot of resources, to layout their own garden, warm and healing Mobile game design style! Hurry up to download and experience it.

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How to play

Interior design and triple elimination puzzles. In this game, you have to help Emily shall perform house restoration and fix all the damaged things. They just recently moved in, so they have a lot of things to fix!

So that she can live there with her family. To be able to restore the old house, you will have to face constant puzzles and your goal is to get building materials by matching different objects together.

The gameplay of Merge Matters: Home Improvement is as follows: To carry out the renovation of your house, you will need different construction tools and materials such as paint rollers, paint brushes, screwdrivers, hammers and trowels ...... To get them, you will have to solve triple elimination puzzles.

These puzzles work like this: there will be a board full of tools that will be locked. In the first step, you will create a toolbox that will allow you to generate first-level objects (such as screwdrivers) when you click on it. Merging two screwdrivers will give you a knife, merging two cubes will give you a cube with water, and so on. Each renovation in the house requires a tool that you must build in the puzzle. You will gradually unlock all the objects on the board and be able to access more tools to continue remodeling.

Merge Matters: Home Renovation is a casual video game with innovative gameplay that has not yet been overused, although its premise is very overdone in terms of genre, transforming it into a very different and very addictive game.

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