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Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs

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"Watch Dog" is an open game in which the player will play a genius hacker. He has done some criminal acts in the past and caused a family tragedy. Now he uses what is called the central control system (ctOS). Players use this system to track the culprits that have hurt their families. By manipulating network players, they can access ubiquitous surveillance cameras, download the target's personal data and their location, and control traffic lights and public transportation systems to block the enemy.

The series combines action, adventure and vehicle game elements. Players can freely roam the virtual world on foot or using vehicles and use a range of weapons and mêlée based combat. Illegal activities such as attacking civilians and police officers who are not player characters will provoke an aggressive, often deadly response from authority figures. In the event of death, players will respawn near the area in which they were killed.

In each game, the player will control a hacker who can hack various electronic devices connected to the fictional ctOS system via their in-game smartphone. While most of the abilities granted by ctOS are used to solve puzzles, players can also use it to create chaos and entertain themselves during free roaming at any given time, such as breaking into traffic lights or placing false evidence against NPCs to get the police to arrest them. In each game, players can upgrade and unlock new features and gadgets. The game contains many covert sections where the player must try to avoid detection by enemies and use non-lethal weapons to bring them out quietly. If the player fails to remain undetected, they can still try to kill all remaining enemies, although in most cases they will find themselves overwhelmed.