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LEGO® Batman Beyond Gotham
LEGO® Batman Beyond Gotham
9 Nov,2023
Updated:April 19, 2021/Feb 18, 2021
Size:6.2M/1.3 GB
Developer: Warner Bros. International Enterprises
Tags: Action Animation GTA Pokemon Minecraft Cartoon coc PUBG Fortnite Terraria Roblox MC Zombies Five Nights at Freddy's DRAGON BALL Clash of Clans Cyberpunk 2077

For reference, LEGO® Batman Beyond Gotham game download websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.


The popular version of lego batman is specially licensed to bring fans amazing, thrilling action adventure content! You can take on the role of batman, join the ranks of characters in the DC universe, and blast off into outer space to stop the evil blenac from destroying earth.

More than 100 playable characters

Gather more than 100 characters with amazing power and skill, including justice league members, giant lego figures like Solomon grady, the lantern man, and villains. Note: all characters and abilities are available from the game without purchase.

Unlock special clothing with unique abilities

Supercostumes give heroes more power, such as batman's explosive suit, robin's sophisticated hacker suit, the steel-bone stealth suit, and the joker's cunning entrap suit.

45 missions over Gotham city

Explore the outer space and the original story set in the world of lights (including zamataron and Odin) for a daring adventure, and visit DC comics' well-known halls of justice, bat caves, and the justice league watchtower.

More characters

Keep an eye out for future updates as more fan favorites are released for collection, including future batman, the dark knight, and the 1966 batman.

Dynamic control style

You can switch between "traditional" and "touch screen" controls to find the game style that works best for you.

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How to play

Players can control a variety of characters (over 150 of them) from a third-person perspective, primarily fighting enemies, solving puzzles, and collecting LEGO "screws (the game's currency). Using attack combinations in battle will multiply the number of nails obtained. Up to two players can play the game in co-op mode.

There are many different environments in the game. All of them are based on the locations of the DC Comics universe. As with previous LEGO video games, once a level is completed in story mode, it is unlocked as a "free-to-play" mode. "Free play" allows players to replay any level they have completed, but any character can be replayed. This allows access to special areas that contain additional collectibles that players could not previously access. This is different from story mode, where players can only switch between pre-defined characters in a scene.

The game has several heroic level centers, such as the Batcave, the Moon, and the Hall of Justice. Here, players can explore and complete puzzles to find, earn, or unlock "gold bricks" or "character markers," access the game's main levels, and complete side quests. There are other specific features, such as enabling "red bricks" (a form of cheating) and viewing the collected "minikits" (collected by level). Players can also create their own characters using already unlocked characters and a limited number of weapons. [5] The six Lantern Planets are another type of world to explore in the game; they are very similar in gameplay to the main hub areas and levels, with the main difference being that the Lantern Planets are more open-world focused. Lantern Planet's Open World Adventure is similar to LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

Individual characters have access to many unique abilities related to comic book powers and talents. For example, Superman can fly, put out fires and his ice breath,, heat vision (used to destroy golden LEGO objects), lightning is faster than other characters, the Atom can shrink in size to fit in tight spaces, Braniac (unlocked upon completion of the main story) can shrink or enlarge objects, and Mars Search Outlaws, Shazam can transform from one form to another. Many of the characters share the same technical abilities, such as flight, transformation, speed, and the ability to fire projectiles, although they differ visually and aesthetically to suit different characters.

Players can interchange the costumes of some of the major characters (Batman, Robin, Cyborg, Joker, and Lex Luthor) with many different characters, each with unique abilities and different color schemes. The Sonic set can break glass, the Demolition set allows the user to sit down and launch bombs to destroy silver Legos, and the Hazard set allows the user to walk through toxic waste and suck up special Legos that are used to get through levels. Robin and Lex Luthor can wear tech suits that activate tech panels, and Robin, Cyborg, or Joker can wear magnet suits to climb magnetic walls and activate special switches. They can be replaced at any time after being unlocked. They are very different in design, for example Lex Luthor's invisibility suit can be invisible and will not be detected by enemies, while Cyborg's invisibility suit is a washing machine, but still works like Lex's. The characters also refer to the theme song of the 1960 TV series "Batman". When in the character menu, staying on a major character for 5-10 seconds will cause that character's voice to sing, for example, "Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Flash!" or Superman's "Na Na Na Na...Na Na Na Na ?" .

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