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LEGO  Tower
LEGO Tower

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This is the best building management and simulation game for you to play with your children. It is very convenient for you to play this game. It is available both on IOS and on Android. Although it is totally for free, at the beginning of this game, you just have a fair amount of coins, which only allows you to use a few stores and barely get your business started. You will find yourself run out of money in a very quick speed.

So if you refuse to pay real money, it is better for you to be patient. But still, you have three options to further expand your tower. You might choose to deliver your guests to the right floor. And then you will be rewarded with coins; Or you might choose to wait to earn some money from your shops as your income; Or you might choose to pay real money to get some coins.

Anyway, you will earn enough money sooner or later. And once you have enough money, you can plan to build a new floor for your tower. You also have the right to decide what kind of tower that you want to build. It is really wonderful to be the owner of a business tower. It makes you feel so rich because once your tower has enough floors, the residents will come to visit and buy things from the stores, so you will get the chance to make money. And players around the world like this game very much because they can make deals in this game like a real business owner. It is very simple to handle this game. You just need to build a tower and make it keep growing. And this tower is full of shops, shopping malls and apartments and the like. What players need to do is to build a thriving Lego community in this tower.

And there are customization options for you to buy extra coins to speed up the tower development. And the most exciting thing is that some of the customization features are similar to the real and actual Lego retail products. This is the most important reason why children like this game very much. And there is no given limit about the height of this tower. The sky is the ultimate limit of this tower in Lego Tower. This is what makes this game really fun and unique. And everything feels so amazing to build a skyscraper of commerce by yourself. And this skyscraper can provide many services and living space for your residents.

If you would like to, you can build more and more shops to earn more money for your residents. You will find yourself so happy in this Lego universe, everything is under your control. And your success in this game is measured on the vertical scale. You do not need to think too much about anything else. You just need to keep concentrating on building your tower and improve your customer satisfaction. Everything depends on how high you can take your tower.If you are a real fan of Lego games and Lego products; If you really respect the Lego brand heritage; and if you are a serious Lego enthusiast, you will find that this game has a lot of thoughtfully designed Lego models to enjoy. And it is definitely worthwhile for you to give it a try.

And even if you are new to management simulating games, Lego Tower will still ease you in gently. You will find yourself confident enough to try something more challenging within an hour. So it is time for you to explore this Lego world and try to build your own Lego skyscraper!