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All the Lego games are really interesting. And Lego Lord of the Rings is no exception. This is a perfect game. And you will meet many adorable characters. This game will be a great entertainment for you. You will find a lot of fun. There is a background story for you in this game. And if you don't know it, I strongly recommend you that you start with a video game of it.

This game contains three parts because of the fact that its original book has three parts. You will feel more flexible to handle this game once you know every detail of the background story. And it will be wonderful if you have the chance to enjoy this game with your best friends. You will find that at first you just cooperate perfectly with each other. But once you finished a certain part, you will find yourselves in the different parts of the Middle Earth and travel towards totally two different plot strings at the same time.

You can also share with each other unexpected things that you come across on your respective random quests. You will feel like you're really in Middle Earth.The graphics and the non-Lego scenery are of high quality. This game has the best looking among all Lego games. And it is also full of many unexpected nooks and crannies. It is really wonderful to explore each corner of these nooks and crannies, you might come across a lot of surprises. So you will never feel boring in this game. And the most exciting thing is that as with every other Lego games, you will find out that most of the characters in this game have their own special abilities.

For example, Gimli can help destroy any prescribed areas with his powerful hammer; and Legolas can shoot arrows; and Gollum can climb up high walls at a really fast speed. And Sam has a special ability to start fires. Together you will go through many really interesting quests. And it will last four hours to complete all the missions. But you will feel perfect freedom while you're exploring this open world. And if you would like to pay for the characters for special abilities. You will find yourself so powerful. But it is a little expensive. Even so, you might want to by one really necessary ability, that is the Beserker, which is an orc who can help you destroy the high walls with explosives.

You are wrong if you underestimate his explosive power.Generally speaking, if you are a fan of Lego games, you will definitely like this one. And maybe for the first rounds, you will find it is not that kind of interesting and there is no way for you to discover something really wonderful in the chaotic boss fight with no lead-in, but later you will just automatically shout without stopping, “I am Aragorn!. ”And it feels so nice to swing your little Lego blade to take down all of your enemies. You will just forget everything else and enjoy your power! So what are you still hesitating for? It is time for you to show your real strength. And you will find unprecedented fighting pleasure in this game. It will be a huge regret if you miss it.

Come on! Your buddies are anxiously waiting for your join to start your adventure together! And it is your perfect time to collect and apply numerous weaponry and magical items!

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