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Mario Kart DS
Mario Kart DS
7 May,2021
Updated:14 November 2005
Developer: Nintendo
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Mario Kart DS, is a Nintendo DS platform racing game developed by the Nintendo Intelligence Development Headquarters. This is the fifth in the Mario Kart series, and is the first game that can be played online through the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, a free network platform set up by Nintendo. Mario Kart DS was released in North America on November 14, 2005, in Europe on November 25, 2005, in Japan on December 8, 2005, and in South Korea on April 5, 2007. Like the other works in the series, the game uses characters from the Mario series to drive karts racing on Mario series themed tracks.

Mario Kart DS received positive reviews, with a summary score of 91% on Metacritic. Praise revolves around the game's graphics and gameplay, with criticism centered around the monotonous single-player mode. The game received several awards from GameSpot, IGN and G-Phoria. The game was the third best-selling Nintendo DS game in 2013 and sold 23.56 million worldwide by June 2014.

This is the successful RAC. Compared with other racing games, the charm of this game is that players can use a lot of props. Different items have different specific functions that need to be tried by the player himself. At the same time, the player needs to control the time to use these items correctly. Otherwise, they will kill themselves instead of their enemies. Players can also pick up many random items on the track to deal with enemies. However, the game is suitable for multiple players to play at the same time.

Another attraction of the game is the addition of 16 new racetracks. On these new tracks, players can get different items. The props include banana skins, green and red tortoise shells. In addition, the game's characters and different types of cars have been carefully designed.

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How to play

Grand Prix mode: In Grand Prix mode, the winner is the driver who has won the most points at the end of four races. mario Kart DS features eight different cups, each with four different tracks.

Time Trial mode: In Time Trial mode, your goal is to get the fastest time on a track. You can save the best runs as phantom data and share them with friends.

VS mode: A competitive mode that can be played as a single player or multiplayer. In the single player. version, you will race against computer-controlled karts, while in multiplayer you will race against human opponents who are playing the game using their own Nintendo DS systems.

Battle modes: Mario Kart DS contains two battle modes.

Balloon Battle Mode: Your goal is to attack/steal your opponent's balloon by colliding with them with a mushroom assist before popping your own balloon.

Shine Runners: In this mode, the driver who collects the most Shine Sprites is the winner.

Mission Mode: In this mode you will be given a number of specific missions that must be cleared in order to move on to the next set of missions. What can you wait for at the end?

Special abilities, weapons, moves and features

Turbo drifting and throwing are everyday tasks, whether the player is fighting on an obstacle-filled track or in an arena. Using familiar items from each game in the series such as "Green Shell", "Red Shell", "Banana", "Bomb ", "Lightning" and the devastating "Stinger Shell". The touch screen has a map showing the items being fired at the player and they can even zoom in or out during the game by tapping on it with their finger.

Wireless communication: more ways to play.

Mario Kart DS features three different forms of wireless play: two local wireless games and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection online play. Mario Kart DS offers two different options for LAN wireless play: DS Download Play, in which only one player has Mario Kart DS, where all players have a Nintendo DS system; and Multi-Card Play, where all players have both a Mario Kart DS and a Nintendo DS system.

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