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Toca Life: Hospital
Toca Life: Hospital
28 Apr,2021
Updated:June 12, 2018/June 12, 2018
Developer: Toca Boca
Tags: Android Education children learning Leisure Minion Rush Puzzle parenting iOS GTA Pokemon Minecraft coc PUBG Fortnite Terraria Roblox MC Zombies Five Nights at Freddy's DRAGON BALL Clash of Clans

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Experience the excitement of a busy medical center through Toca Life: Hospital! Welcome new babies into the world, treat the sick, and even say goodbye to loved ones. toca Life: Hospital is where you can play out the joys and pains of life on your own terms. Live from the beginning

The cycle of life brings

Bringing a newborn baby into the world can be a little scary, and very exciting! Share in the excitement as we welcome new babies into Toca Life! Family members and medical staff can love and care for these tiny, wrapped-up beauties.

Ending the sad moments that sometimes occur in hospitals, too, Toca Life: The hospital's Send-Off Room offers loved ones the opportunity to say goodbye in a peaceful setting.

Everything in betweenToca Life: The hospital allows you to tell fictional or true stories about medical exams, X-rays and all the everyday things that happen in the hospital.

Explore five floors: basement, main entrance, labs and treatments, home care and general care.

Beware of germs - they can make your character sick! Doctors can prescribe medication to treat your patients.

Explore the five floors of the unit

In the basement, sound the siren on the ambulance in the garage or crack the code on the mysterious machine to open the door to the secret laboratory! On the entrance floor, check in at the reception desk, take a seat in the waiting area, or grab a snack from the café. The treatment rooms feature tools for diagnosing patients, labs to examine specimens and operating rooms. The home care floor has a unit dedicated to children and a maternity unit with ultrasound machines, cribs and newborn babies! Patients on the general care floor can visit a peaceful garden to reflect on life. When a loved one dies, say your final goodbyes in the farewell room.

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How to play

Create your own video of the hospital drama

Create original videos using the in-app recording feature! This feature allows you to record your voice and the actions of your characters as you tell your story. Create videos up to two minutes long and save them to camera film to share later!

-Check the vitals of surgical patients on the medical monitor.

-Use all the tools you'd find in a real-life hospital: gurneys, bandages, crutches, hospital beds, wheelchairs, and more!

-Crack the code on the mystery machine to explore the secret lab!

-Find peace and say goodbye to your loved ones in the farewell room.

-Set the tone for your story with everything from the right musical theme to dramatic hospital themes to light-hearted, delightful tunes.

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