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June's Journey
June's Journey
14 Sep,2021
Updated:September 2, 2021/September 7, 2021
Developer: wooga gmbh
Tags: Puzzle casual iOS Android fun boys girls simple story plot fan detective

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Are you ready for the exciting journey of searching and finding hidden objects in this adventurous and suspenseful detective mystery game?

Sharp-eyed detectives, take matters into your own hands! Journey to June is the thrilling adventure you've been waiting for. Straight out of the Roaring Twenties, relax through romance, intrigue and mystery in this exciting hidden object game!

Dive into June Parker's fascinating quest to uncover a shameful family secret. Solve riddles and find clues through hundreds of amazingly exciting puzzles to escape to a time of glamorous mansions, drama and romance! I monitor the hidden mystery detective games you don't want to miss.

Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime?

 Sharp-eyed Detective Wanted- Use your powers of observation to find all the hidden clues in this suspenseful mystery adventure detective game. Think you'd make a great spy? Take notes and find the hidden objects to crack each case.

Your ticket to the first category of thrills - search and find: Mystery! Dangerous! Romance! Where does each new chapter and each new scene take you? Will June unravel the murder mystery? Will she succumb to true love? We're sworn to secrecy; only you can solve this mystery.

Fascinating Mysteries - Experience hundreds of dazzling hidden object scenes that will test your problem-solving skills, exercise your memory, and help you improve your thinking skills.

Hundreds of beautiful scenes - lose yourself in the world of June. Build your visual memory as you travel to new locations. Where will this mysterious thriller take you next?

Decorate your manor - I found a masterpiece! Enter the realm of decorating and gardening with the opportunity to customize, remodel and restore your own luxury mansion and garden island. The way you decorate your manor matters. Upgrade and customize the gorgeous gardens as well as the mysterious manor of the island estate.

New Detective Lounge - Join the Detective Club to make friends and socialize. Chat in the Detective League, share a few rounds of drinks, and challenge each other. Share notes on how best to complete challenges and find hidden items. Can you find the differences in certain scenes faster than your challengers?

 New episodes - A love story? Just like your favorite TV shows, expect a new mystery with each new story chapter, with new chapters every week. Cliffhanger guaranteed!

 Relax and let this search-and-find mystery become part of your positive thinking routine. Relax and unwind as you solve intriguing mysteries in a gorgeous setting. You'll be amazed at how much you can improve your memory.

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How to play

une's Journey - Hidden Object is an object discovery game set in the 1920s that invites you to help the intrepid protagonist, June, unravel the strange phenomena surrounding her sister's murder.

The story is about New York in 1927, the main character, June, after finding out that her sister and her brother-in-law were killed, in order to thoroughly investigate the truth of the whole incident, she will move around a number of hand-painted scenes with features such as New York and Paris to look for clues inside.

Take on the role of an amateur sleuth and embark on a journey full of charming 20-somethings. From the living rooms of New York to the sidewalks of Paris, search for clues to hidden objects and escape a past filled with mystery, danger and romance.

Like most other games like it, in June's Journey - Hidden Object you'll need to visit a large number of different rooms to find items hidden in the scene. The faster you find them, the better your score will be.

Once you have found the items you need, you can use the coins you earn in the game to buy the appropriate items to keep dressing up your villa. For example, you can buy bushes, park chairs and so on. The adventure can continue. Most of the time, you can talk to other characters, and they will often direct you to new scenes, or new characters. Either way, in these scenes, you will find more details about the story.

Find hidden clues and solve exciting puzzles in beautiful locations that will take you to the heart of the mystery! Surprises, stunning hand-painted scenes and a fascinating cast of characters await you everywhere in an around-the-world story game. From the heart of 1920s America to the perfect style of Paris and beyond, enjoy a story like you've never seen before. With each new chapter, you'll be immersed in a thrilling world of mystery and exciting drama that takes you around the world. Take a break from the stress of life and immerse yourself in a mystery game like no other!

June's Journey - Hidden Object is an engaging adventure that offers well-crafted characters, and very detailed scenes. Of course, the graphics are also very nice and contain some helpful and excellent drawings.

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