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Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories
Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories

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This is a really exciting game. In this game, you will become Salvatore’s right-hand man, and you will start fierce wars with other mafia members. Salvatore is the leader of the mafia gang. Generally speaking, you need to complete all kinds of missions in this game. If you stick to the missions and do not try to mess around too much wasting your time, you can cover the game’s story mode within 10 to 13 hours. Of course, if you are a skilled player, it will take less time for you to complete all those missions in the story mode.

Don’t worry, most of these tasks are simple. For example, you just need to steal a specific car and then drive it safely back to a given location without wrecking it; or luring out a bunch of gangsters and then try to create the opportunity to blow up their prized tank. Of course, you can expect all kinds of modern weapons to use since you are a fighter. You will have pistols, shotguns, submarine guns and all types of other weapons. But do not lower your caution since you have powerful weapons because your enemies might drop higher-powered weapons. And you can only carry one type of weapon each time.

So it is a wise thing for you to collect all those bullets for later usage. At last, the most thrilling thing about this game is that sense of freedom. You are free to cause destruction out of your imagination. You can just walk into the street without caring too much and blow up everything within your sight and shoot as many people as you want to. There is no need to worry about that you will be punished for these bad and unlawful behaviors.

In this world, you can do any destructive things as long as you want to.In a word, everything is ruthless in this world. And there is a huge possibility that you might be killed in any minute. So try your best to be the strongest and kill all those gangsters within your sight. Show your strength since there is no way for you to retreat and you have no other choice but to keep forward. You can also ask your friends to fight with you. Together, you can be the ultimate winners!