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Dead by Daylight Mobile
Dead by Daylight Mobile
31 Aug,2023
Updated:October 27, 2021/October 27, 2021
Developer: Behaviour Interactive Inc.
Tags: Horror survival simulation role-playing fun iOS Android story boys girls escape action

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Dead by Daylight Mobile is a horror action escape game where the evil spirits feed on the hopes of mankind and create illusionary realms where the killer has hunted down escapees based on the tragedies that have occurred in the killer's life.

The game's three main locations are McMillan Manor, Abandoned Garage, and Cold Wind Farm, each with a relationship to the killer's life. In addition, there are the remaining twelve maps in the series: Cloprion Asylum, Haddonfield, Blackwater Swamp, Riley Retreat Center, Redwoods, Springwood, Gideon Meatworks, Yamaoka Family Estates, Ormond, Hawkins National Laboratory, Dead Dog Tavern, Silent Hill, and Raccoon City.

The killers are also human beings who have killed numerous people, but for various realistic and extreme reasons, they were captured by the evil spirits and after numerous tortures, they lost themselves and began to harvest human souls for the evil spirits.

The subtitle of the game is "Death is not an escape", which means "death is not an escape". Because the player plays the role of an escapee trapped in a world created by evil spirits, whether they successfully escape from a map by opening a door, jumping through a tunnel or being sacrificed or even executed, the escapee will always return to the same place. The game starts at the campfire on the screen, and everything that just happened seems like a dream. Then they will be chased again and killed again or escape, and the cycle goes on indefinitely.

A variety of butchers, allowing you to hunt your opponents in various ways in the game.

Cooperation with other players in the game to get the way to escape.

The game has different gameplay styles that can be experienced in different camps.

Non-linear competitive confrontation, take you to experience the first perspective and third perspective combat fun, feel different competitive experience mechanism

Rich character plot story, save the human race and destroy the killer adventure, the battle with headphones to feel more realistic

Simulation of real battlefield scenes, with a curiosity to explore the unknown and the enemy around, into the world of only me.

If you like to have fun and be scared with your friends, then this is the game for you. Four survivors and a madman fight that will greatly increase the adrenaline in your blood. Many traps and unexpected surprises await the player in the abandoned hunting grounds. Scare and enjoy!

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How to play

This is a horror game with asymmetric numbers. In the game, a ruthless killer will hunt down four survivors, and the four survivors will try to escape a terrible death. Players take on the roles of the killer and the survivors in this deadly game of hide-and-seek. The survivors try to escape from a killer with supernatural powers. Your enemy will use all his powers to destroy you. As you can imagine, the survivors and the killer are controlled by the players.

Players will play as the fugitive and the butcher in two different roles. Players will be able to cooperate with other players to fight as a group of escapees, allowing you to use the different props in the game to successfully escape, and the butcher identity allows players to use more skills to hunt escapees.

Each game has a killer and four escapees to participate in, according to the number of people playing + 1 to decide the number of generators needed to open the door to repair. The player playing as the killer is responsible for finding the escapees, knocking them down and then grabbing and hanging them on a hook sacrifice in the map. After hanging, two stages must pass for the evil spirits to extend their claws (2 minutes in total), stab the escapees and devour them, but during that time other escapees can rescue the hung ones, or the hung ones have a 4% chance of unhooking themselves in the first stage, and cannot unhook themselves if they enter the second stage The third stage will be directly killed by the claws and become a sacrifice for the evil spirits. In addition, the killer can also use their own special abilities, carry the inherited skills and ability add-ons or the use of sacrifices to unlock the ability to execute, in achieving certain conditions can directly kill the escapees.

To escape from the game, you must repair five of the seven generators that appear on the map, so that the power flows through the two doors at the edge of the map, and then use the switch next to the door to open the door to escape. At the same time the map has windows, boards, wooden doors, cabinets and treasure chests and other interactive objects to increase the game strategy of both players, if the escapees are unfortunately killed to only one person left, the last person can choose to use the tunnel to escape.

The controls in Dead By Daylight are ideal for the touch screen. The movement virtual joystick is located on the left side of the screen and the action buttons are on the right. Depending on whether you're controlling a survivor or a killer, you'll have different actions available. For example, the killer has several supernatural abilities that allow him to easily spot the survivors.

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