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Sonic Runners Adventure
Sonic Runners Adventure
26 Aug,2021
Updated:July 16, 2020/July 16, 2020
Size:25.17 MB/37.26 MB
Developer: Gameloft SE
Tags: Action Animation GTA Pokemon Minecraft Cartoon coc PUBG Fortnite Terraria Roblox MC Zombies Five Nights at Freddy's DRAGON BALL Clash of Clans Cyberpunk 2077

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If you like flying freely. This game will be the best choice for you. In this game, you will have a wonderful feeling. You will meet different people and learn different things during your adventure.

The exciting feeling is unprecedented. You will travel across the forest and the desert with Sonic. Cute Sonic is always kind and prepared to feel something different and something out of his imagination. So unlike other similar games, this game will not bring you a sense of boredom that quickly.

On the countrary, there is a huge probability that you might get addicted to it by desiring to try again and again to challenge yourself because this kind of feeling is so amazing that you just want to be faster and faster. All the levels in this game have their distinctive features. You do not need to think too much about your scores or the final destination.

You can just enjoy the exciting feeling and feel yourself by flying in the sky and immersing yourself into this unimaginable free world. There is no speed limit to you. You can fly as quickly as you can. And nothing can stop you. Of course you have other playmates. So it is very important for you to choose that right partner with a certain kind of special skill to perfectly cooperate with each other.

Besides you can do a lot of stunts in the sky. You can jump or turn arounds at a fast speed to feel that kind of free feeling to the utmost. Generally speaking, it is not very difficult for you to control this figure Sonic in terms of skill. You can also try to become stronger and better by buying some more powerful outfit for him with those links collected during your adventure.     

Anyway, you can just be you in this game and forget everything else. You do not need to hide anything or hold anything back. You can really experience that true side of you. No onw will judge you or criticize you or punish you for amazingly fast speed. And it feels really wonderful to fly in the sky without any burden. It feels like the whole world belongs to you.

And you can do anything you want to. And you can really feel your true self while you are flying in the sky because it feels like you are never so free before. Now it is time for you to release yourself, release all your bad emotions and release your energy. Do not to repress yourself or try to hold your speed. Let everything out and just fully enjoy yourself!

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How to play

Sonic the hedgehog and his friends are back, and the exciting parkour game is back! Start the speed frenzy and recreate the sonic legend. Run, jump, sprint or fly through exciting platform levels.

Unlock new characters such as tars, nack, etc. Each character has unique skills that you can enhance. Save sonic's planet in 4 lifelike scenes against Dr. Omelet. The content is wonderful, the memory is very small, almost everyone can complete the extreme run stunt, enjoy the exciting adventure!

Sonic features • run wild in 4 beautifully painted realistic scenes. Warning: it may set your blood on fire. • unlock a huge number of characters, such as tarls, nack, shaart the hedgehog, and other legendary speed characters, each with their own unique superpowers. Defeat the infamous Dr. Egghead in a level filled with obstacles and bad guys!

Run through exciting and exciting adventures while listening to exciting music! Choose your favorite companions, each with unique skills!

Remember: careful choice of partners, clever match skills, let you go all the way! Strengthen your favorite character and increase the effect of his skills. The story is exciting, super characters are everywhere, and the plot is gripping.

Repeatable levels, a huge number of mission objectives, let you enjoy a variety of interesting arcade experience. No matter which track you choose, you will have a lot of fun! Explore the mystery of bonus levels, launch a speed rush, and have fun! Simple operation, different skill combinations, and automatic mode, everyone can participate in it!

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