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Sonic Adventure DX
Sonic Adventure DX
6 May,2021
Updated:March 5, 2011
Developer: Anonymous
Tags: GTA Pokemon Minecraft Cartoon coc PUBG Fortnite Terraria Roblox MC Zombies Five Nights at Freddy's DRAGON BALL Clash of Clans Cyberpunk 2077

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In this game, you will meet a very cute character. This is a hedgehog. Players all over the world love the hedgehog. And you will have a wonderful time on this hedgehog. You can complete the mission together to rid the whole world of the evil plans of the enemy. There is a very interesting backstory in this game. Sonic's deadly enemy is Dr. Robonik, who goes to great lengths to collect all seven chaotic emeralds to rule the world and become its master. Your task is before you find all the priceless emeralds. Of course, it's hard for you to do this. But it's exciting to accomplish all of these tasks, because in the process, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy Sonic's hyper-speed and agility.An ancient evil that lurks inside the great green master is unleashed from his slumber by the cunning Dr. Egman, who is about to become the ultimate monster using seven chaotic emeralds. Only sonic and his friends are heroic enough to stop Dr. Egman and his evil minions.

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How to play

Play through as one of six different characters, including Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy, each with their own unique adventure and story.Breed and nurture your very own pet Chao in the Chao Garden minigame. Then compete against other Chao in a battle for ultimate Chao supremacy.

1、Opening screen->Duel with choas 0

Choas 0 cheat method: hit three strikes to knock down, 1~2 sets of rotating arm attack. Jump up and press the A button once to use the impact attack (basic attack method). The third time he will jump up, as long as you keep moving will not be his arm from the top to the bottom K, and then give a fatal blow when he comes down.

2、Hotel->First Stage - Emerald Beach

After the plot, go to the beach. (Note: Each stage of each character is divided into A B C three levels. As long as the C level can continue the plot, and A B two levels can be challenged by the second option on the start screen. You can also enter the stage again in the game to challenge. The conditions for passing each level will be written at the beginning, so I won't repeat them. Each level will get a badge, try to collect it. The author has already broken 100. Emerald Beach: should be very easy to pass, to the second half there will be a gold plate that says [1], pick up and press the jump can advance to the [2] plate, and so on. Such levels will appear in the future, remember it well!

3、Hotel->Relic area

After arriving at the station, there is a badge right above the entrance, use the stairs on both sides to jump to the wall bulge and walk along the wall. Get it and take a ride to the factory of tails.

4、Factory->Cave of the Wind

Look out at the pool in the factory, you can see a badge on a platform, but only the characters who can fly can get it. Give it to others! After picking up the Key of the Wind at the entrance, go to the hole on the right side of the lake and put it inside the positioning, jump to the exit of the wind. Enter the second stage - the valley of the wind.

Valley of the wind: there are many places need to use the wind to move forward, remember to move according to the direction of the leaves analogous direction keys, otherwise it will fall ......

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