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Hello Neighbor
Hello Neighbor
9 Nov,2023
Updated:September 29, 2021/September 21, 2021
Developer: tinyBuild LLC
Tags: horror suspense simulation escape iOS Android fun role-playing girls boys adventure

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Hello Neighbor is a sneaky horror survival cover-up game. In the game, the player must successfully enter the basement of the neighbor's house and uncover the neighbor's secrets. The game uses artificial intelligence to design the neighbor, who will make corresponding defense according to the player's previous actions, such as placing traps on the player's previous route.

It involves sneaking into your neighbor's house and finding out the terrible secrets he's hiding in his basement. You play against an advanced AI that learns from your every move. Really like climbing through the backyard window? Expect a bear trap there. Sneaking through the front door? There will be cameras soon. Trying to escape? Neighbors will find a shortcut and catch you.

The game's neighbors use a very sophisticated AI system, and the perverted neighbors will make different strategies based on the user's behavior, choices, and actions. The purpose of the game is simple: the user infiltrates the neighbor's fortress to announce its perverted secrets, and both the user and the AI support setting traps and various creative strategies.

In addition, the game also blends sandbox and campaign gameplay, if the player frequently enters the room through the front door, then the door will be locked before the next action, in addition, the neighbor may also set up bear traps to fight with the player. Suspenseful horror game focusing on peeking into your neighbor's house.

An escalating adventure where the neighbor's artificial intelligence will thwart your actions and learn your moves.

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How to play

Hello Neighbor is a first-person horror, sneaking game. In the game, the player takes on the role of an ordinary resident who has newly moved to a small village where everything is not unusual. But why did the neighbor who lives across the street nail the door to the vault? Could there be hostages inside that the neighbors have kidnapped? Or is there a monster? So players need to sneak into the neighbor's house to investigate his secret. You will control a young character who wants to enter the neighbor's house to explore the dark secrets of his basement. Of course, your neighbor is particularly concerned about his privacy and will be very angry if you barge in.

The adventure will start with the game's protagonist chasing a small ball in the neighborhood where he lives, and it won't be long before you arrive at your neighbor's door and see his suspicious behavior. From this moment on, you will have to sneak into your neighbor's house while making sure not to get caught by him.

The player's task is to find out what secrets the neighbors are hiding in the basement. Players must invade the neighbor's home and collect props to find a way into the basement. While exploring the neighbor's house, the player cannot be discovered by the neighbor, otherwise he will start chasing the player. At this point if the player does not succeed in escaping, the neighbor will catch the player and send the player back to his home. At this point the player must re-enter the neighbor's home, but because of the neighbor's artificial intelligence, if you use the same method to enter may encounter obstacles such as traps.

Players can hold up to four items at the same time; the same items cannot be combined together.

The controls of Hello Neighbor are not too different from those of similar games. The left side of the screen is the joystick to control movement, and the right side is the action button. You can jump, interact with different objects, and pick up all kinds of gadgets ......

Hello Neighbor is a very interesting horror, sneaking game which will provide you with a tense and exciting gaming experience. The game offers quite an excellent visual experience and is a great value.

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