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Car Eats Car
Car Eats Car
9 Nov,2023
Updated:September 19, 2018/November 20, 2020
Size:52.43 MB/150.59MB
Developer: SMOKOKO LTD
Tags: cars webgl racing car GTA Pokemon Minecraft Cartoon coc PUBG Fortnite Terraria Roblox MC Zombies Five Nights at Freddy's DRAGON BALL Clash of Clans Cyberpunk 2077

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Drive to survive and destroy enemy other cars in the craziest car ride of your life! Do you like physics-based driving games? How about extreme car driving simulators or off-road games with cars and 4x4 giant trucks? Have you heard of the popular car destruction games? Do you know any crazy racing games with upgrades? If you like arcade games and road wars and can upgrade your car, you'll love our legendary Car Eats Car game! Evil cars are waiting at the starting line! Start the engine, step on the gas and get going!

Destroy the enemies!

In this super fast and fun racing game "Car Eats Car", you will be fighting against other vehicles that are destroying you! You can collect upgrades and shoot the enemies, or you can put the pedal to the metal and beat them! But you don't think it's that easy, do you? Earn extra points by using hill jumps and completing awesome crazy stunts!

-Overtake other fast cars that are trying to swallow you up!

-Collect nitro and other turbocharger upgrades to increase maximum speed!

-Perform flips and become the best stunt racer on the street!

-Burn some rubber to avoid getting killed in the most challenging uphill racing!

Upgrade your ATV to race with confidence against unpredictable monster trucks. Attack enemy cars, destroy rival vans, and avoid enemy car attacks. Don't forget the bombs - throw them at the pursuers who want to destroy you. Road war is unbeatable! To win the racing game Car Eats Car, take bold risks. Will you leave the deadly car battle like a champion?

Choose a car monster!

Jump behind the wheel of an incredibly cool car and improve your driving skills in the crazy racing game " Car Eats Car". Harvester, Tankominator, Super Gun, Anti-Gravity or Mega Turbo cars will take your breath away! Learn to drive crazy cars that will amaze you with their amazing technical abilities! They can overcome any off-road obstacles and can perform dangerous flips and tricks. Evil cars like to hurt their enemies too! To survive the fierce race with multiple obstacles, attack first: chase them, cut them off on the highway, push them into ditches, smash the cars to pieces, or even blow them up!

Upgrade the cars!

Turn your truck into a unique monster car capable of generating amazing speeds. Do you want to climb to the top of the leaderboard? Upgrade the truck with various power-ups and boosts: increase its speed, traction, stability, nitro and protection! To destroy cars faster and increase damage to enemies, replenish your stock of bombs and increase their destructive range! Go into turbo mode often, perform dangerous tricks, turn, take off, fly through the air and earn gold coins for top-notch upgrades to your car monster!

Drive a unique trail!

Experience the adrenaline of high-speed hills and the unique landscapes of Drowned City, Misty Forest, Ghost Town and Enchanted Swamp! Drive to the finish line on a variety of tracks filled with obstacles, climbs, jumps and dazzling turns. With colorful visual design, smooth animations, fun traffic accidents and challenging off-road missions with 2D cartoon graphics - you'll be playing this game for hours!

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How to play

Start racing!

If you like racing and driving simulator games, then you'll love this crazy free Car Eats Car Apocalypse Racing game! Remember: only the strongest survive, so destroy the cars and let them choke to death! Zombie Apocalypse is a world away from this crazy driving game because cars eat cars here! Sports cars and race cars will not let you win the Grand Prix rally. Only evil cars with big wheels, like trucks, tanks and harvesters, can win! Play fast racing games online with your friends! Become a racer, take part in car battles in the arena, conquer dozens of tracks, set world records and open the opportunity to use all evil cars!

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