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Road Turn
Road Turn
7 May,2021
Updated:November 22, 2019/Jan 2, 2021
Size:20M/118.2 MB
Developer: Anonymous
Tags: traffic html5 car GTA Pokemon Minecraft Cartoon coc PUBG Fortnite Terraria Roblox MC Zombies Five Nights at Freddy's DRAGON BALL Clash of Clans Cyberpunk 2077

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Now you job is direct traffic.For aovid to happen traffic must control the car to turn  after straight-going cars passes.

As you level up, fight enemies that are faster and get the highest scores.

Your judgment and agility will help you improve your score.

If you crash into another car, you lose.

Now you job is direct traffic. For aovid to happen traffic accidents. you must control the car to turn after straight-going cars You You must control the car to turn after straight-going cars passes. 

RoadTurn is a super fun and casual mobile game. It is very interesting from God's point of view. Here the player needs to control his vehicle to play the game and control the car to turn well at the intersection of the road, which is very interesting. Those who like the gameplay can try a...

Try to add as many cars as possible on the main road without slowing down the cars to turn them on. Make one more turn to get as many points as possible. Become the king of the road!

1. Super hot racing elements, extremely sensitive fingertip action and an excellent fast overtaking experience.

2. Move your car nimbly and get more gold medal rewards by hand speed and reflexes.

3. You need to eliminate all your opponents before you can reach the finish line as soon as possible.

1. Unleash different scenarios to experience, control the car to keep driving and test your agile hand speed;

2. Look for opportunities to fill in the gaps, avoid various random obstacles and challenge for the top spot on the leaderboard;

3. Easy to use and fun to compete with players from all over the world and try to earn more gold coins.

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How to play

Click mouse or finger to let cars turn.

In this game there are no brakes ...

Drive your supercar through traffic jams!

Today, in the city, there are too many cars.

You can not drive at top speed in the city, but you can use this game! Because it's just a game!

Go between cars at a light speed!

Watch out! There are intersections and people on foot.

Avoid cars, obstacles and people!

-More 40 utility vehicles.

-Endless random maps.

-Get gold coins and collect all cars!

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