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TrollFace Quest: USA 2
TrollFace Quest: USA 2
7 May,2021
Updated:September 22, 2020/September 4, 2019
Developer: Anonymous
Tags: troll trump usa trollfacequest GTA Pokemon Minecraft Cartoon coc PUBG Fortnite Terraria Roblox MC Zombies Five Nights at Freddy's DRAGON BALL Clash of Clans Cyberpunk 2077

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Troll Face and his funny friends are heading back to America! They just can't seem to get enough of trolling their way across the USA. So tag along with them as they prank everyone they encounter during their journey from sea to shining sea. This time they'll be going after famous movie stars, popular characters from your favorite TV shows, and a few powerful politicians.

Ready to try some very tricky and very cool puzzles? If you're ready, try playing this brand new game and click adventure game. It will help you get rid of the boredom like no other game ...... but it will make you feel like a potato head!

This American-themed version of the popular point-and-click adventure series called Troll Face Quest will make you laugh out loud and test the limits of your brain. It's as tough as any quiz game, but funnier!

Tell us how smart you are and prove you don't have a potato head! You'll challenge yourself with brand new puzzles that not everyone can handle! They're almost as hard as impossible quizzes!

Escape the excitement of boredom, then click through adventure games that take you through many of America's most legendary stories. It's more fun and interesting than the impossible quizzes you take in your history courses.

Yes, it's adventure time, but will you be confused by this series of pranks? Use detective skills to avoid being tricked, even if it seems impossible. Are you smart enough to make it all the way through this epic level and then click on the quest as you escape each completely ridiculous level?

Troll Face Quest: USA Adventure is the only game that can solve puzzles involving the President of the United States and indestructible superheroes! As always, if it exists, we can simulate it! You don't think that's possible? Don't believe us! Play the game and find out for yourself!

Point and click your way to new adventures involving baseball, soccer, boxing and more! Will you throw the ball and destroy the brain? Or will you relax as you use your detective skills to solve all the puzzles in this super exciting but very tricky game?

Are you a big fan of American movies? If so, make room for more new fun, and some funny stories to tease, prank and trick you! A little warning, though: some of these might make you feel like a potato head!

Dive into a world full of Hollywood stories and legendary events in American history, but don't worry. This is not an impossible quiz, and it will test your ability to remember all the boring knowledge you learned in school. Oh, and if we manage to prank you with new levels and tricky puzzles, let us know!

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How to play

Immerse yourself in a world full of Hollywood stories and legendary events in American history, but don't worry. These are not difficult questions and answers to find out if you can remember your time in class. Oh, and don't forget to let us know if we can help you with new challenging puzzles and problems.

Test your detective skills with these challenging puzzles!

Point and click until you win!

Play super fun, crazy puzzles that will make you die laughing!

-Solve hilarious puzzles with no logic and engage in crazy tasks! It's adventure time!

-Meet (sometimes disturbing) crazy, legendary and wacky characters that are totally forward and funky!

-Immerse yourself in unexpectedly hilarious situations!

-Find yourself with graphics unlike anything you've ever seen before.

-Scores and achievements are fully enabled. Show off your skills!

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