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Total Conquest
Total Conquest
15 Apr,2022
Updated:October 20, 2021
Tags: Strategy Action Build Simulation iOS Android Fun Classic Combat Role-playing Girls Boys Casual

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Total Conquestis this is a casual, fun-filled strategy game in which you will become the king, build and manage your own kingdom, explore the kingdom, manage your land, lead your army in real-time battles, attack other players' countries, expand your territory and become the most powerful empire, join us now for Total Conquest

This is really a wonderful management strategy game, become the king in the game to lead your army, play your intelligence to attack your enemies and get a lot of treasures, don't wait anymore, ascend the throne now immediately and take your place among the greatest lords.

In this continent players will become a king, choose your lord to build your territory and land, and create your army to constantly explore and adventure, bring them to various battles to search for various mysterious treasures, without your collection of various materials, build various factories and buildings to constantly produce various supplies to meet the operation of the entire kingdom.

Various dangerous maps with various mysterious treasures, wide plains, dangerous valleys and cold snowy mountains.

Traverse lush green plains and snowy hills, climb the highest peaks and deepest valleys in search of lost wonders and rare treasures!

Be sure to free up some inventory space before exploring with your gnome crew. You never know what legendary treasures you might find in a distant land!

 A true legend, the union of ten thousand armies! A lord is never without capable subjects! Stand side by side with heroes of good and evil. No battle is too hard!

Keep your troops strong and healthy! Train them and get upgraded troop type bonuses to gain an unfair advantage in battle!

A brain teaser challenge to overcome! Training your troops has never been easier! Leave them alone and they'll be upgraded automatically! However, war is not that simple. Even the best-trained soldiers can't win a battle by themselves! It's up to you to lead and deploy them wisely!

Constantly upgrade your military repertoire with a variety of powerful soldiers and different combat skills, powerful attacks and spells.

The exciting battles with various types of soldiers require players to turn on their wits and develop various subtle strategies, the game is very educational.

Lords never stop challenging themselves, and the game certainly encourages that! Conquer battle halls, arenas and global kingdom wars, and participate in a never-ending journey to greater glory!

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How to play

Total Conquest is a strategy and management game that puts you in control of a kingdom threatened by an endless mob of demons. On the one hand, you must build and upgrade a bunch of buildings. On the other hand, you have to guide your troops on the battlefield to fight against the demons.

Summon heroes and let them lead soldiers to clear the threats around your kingdom; build various buildings, factories, barracks, lumberyards to develop your kingdom and make your kingdom gradually stronger, organize soldiers to defend against enemy attacks, line up troops, or attack enemy kingdoms to plunder them and take all their treasures for your own use.

Manage your own kingdom, invade your enemies, fill your vaults with their treasures and try various ways of formations against your enemies.

As the king of the kingdom, you have the right to give orders, unlock and place unique buildings anywhere you want, build farms and factories to obtain materials and resources.

You can also summon all kinds of powerful soldiers, archers, knights, heroes and even dragons with treasures;.

Build the most powerful empire, organize the strongest team of heroes, dominate other empires and become the strongest overlord.

You can build and upgrade your buildings on the general map. You can gain resources, recruit armies and acquire new technologies. In addition, you can explore new areas and click on enemies to start battles.

Battles are divided into two phases. In the first phase, you have to choose your troops and the formation you want to use. To do this, try to find out the weaknesses and strengths of each unit. For example, if you see a bunch of attacking units in your opponent's army, it might be a good idea to deploy your cavalry. The second phase of the battle is simple: you will see your troops fighting, and all you have to do is activate your special skills at the right time.

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