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The Game of Life 2
The Game of Life 2
13 May,2021
Updated:3 May 2021/May 3, 2021
Version:0.0.42/Marmalade Game Studio Limited
Developer: Anonymous
Tags: Puzzle Multiplayer Casual Android IOS

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For 60 years, the "Game of Life" board game has shown us how to grow up and win. Now, THE GAME OF LIFE 2, the digital board game, introduces the latest life choices and new crossroads to the traditional game! Will you become a video blogger or an engineer? What path will your friends and family take? Play to find out on your phone and tablet!

Customise pegs, jump in eco-friendly cars and race your friends and family through THE GAME OF LIFE 2 game. With a thousand new ways to live and money no longer the only way to succeed, which life will you choose? In this mobile board game you can find your happiness, whether that means money and fame, or academic achievement and a dozen cats! Become a pop star with 5 dogs and a pool room, or a brain surgeon with multiple PhDs, a spouse and 3 children. Your choice!


-Contemporary sequel to Harper's classic board game -The Game of Life 2 brings the original game from yesterday to today

-Completely free to play -No need to worry about flashy ads, in-game currency or win limits! You can enjoy the full game in a safe environment online and offline for children and adults

-Optional Season Pass - Find additional boards, including the 'Fairytale Kingdom', and the optional GAME OF LIFE 2 Season Pass to unlock new additional themes and costume options!

-Single Player - It won't be like playing alone when you challenge our challenging AI!

-Online Multiplayer - Distance won't interrupt the game when you connect with fans around the world or invite friends and family to a private match

-Play through and through - No internet? No problem! Simply pass a single device between up to 4 players for an offline, wifi-free experience.

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How to play

Choose and customize a character!

Life's journey calls for a jaw-dropping costume! Customise your pink, blue or brand new purple pegs with your own unique style.

Start from scratch!

Life as a teenager in the boardroom can seem daunting, but without the pressure! The Game of Life 2 game begins when the big decisions really begin and the choices keep coming!

Choose your path in life!

Your life is in your hands! Get married, get a degree, become famous and have a pet. In THE GAFE OF LIFE 2 digital board game, the road has many twists and turns and crossroads can now be given a second chance - so it's never too late to get married or earn that degree!

Money and happiness, retire on your own terms!

Are you in for millions of days or good times? The Game of Life 2 game is about much more than money. Gain the attributes of happiness, wealth and knowledge and the final score will sum up your achievements!

Earn rewards to unlock new items!

Play games and earn rewards to unlock new characters, costumes and vehicles! Collect 60 happiness points, travel 100 capsules and collect $5000; each achievement will unlock puzzles. When you collect 6 puzzle pieces you can unlock bonus items, 8 to unlock for each world!

Explore amazing worlds with the Game of Life 2 Season Pass!

As you find success in the eco-green cityscape, you'll have even more worlds to explore as part of your Season Pass! Travel through fairytale kingdoms on an enchanting quest, become a monster herder in the Haunted Hills, discover the magic of the frozen land and live the dinosaur-loving dream in the age of giants! Game of Life 2 Season Pass includes 4 extra worlds...

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