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Subway Quick Surfers
Subway Quick Surfers
6 May,2021
Updated:April 27, 2021/May 3, 2021
Developer: Anonymous
Tags: GTA Pokemon Minecraft Cartoon coc PUBG Fortnite Terraria Roblox MC Zombies Five Nights at Freddy's DRAGON BALL Clash of Clans Cyberpunk 2077

For reference, Subway Quick Surfers game download websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.


If you are a fan of Subway Surfer, you will definitely like this game. Although it is not that kind of thrilling, this game can help you train your mind. It can help you learn to analyze things in a more detailed way. Everything in this game is so full of life. And unlike playing Subway Surfer, you need not to be hurry yourself to the end of the world. You just need to take your time and finish the puzzle bit by bit. There is plenty of time for you. You do not need to win higher score through quicker speed or faster reaction or stronger force. But this does not mean there is no life in this game. In fact, this is an exciting game. In this game, your main job is to deal with all kinds of puzzles. You might think this game is boring, actually it is not. It is not that kind of easy to solve all these puzzles. Each puzzle has its own feature and it will be a challenge for you to solve it. You need to use your imagination to finish all those puzzles. It is not just about puzzle solving. Once you completed a puzzle, you can save it and set the picture as your wallpaper as well, which will give you a deep sense of fulfillment to have your own wallpaper made by your own hands. And the music in this game is also very rhythmic. With this music, your journey will be more interesting. Everything in this game is vivid, so you just need to enjoy yourself. The last feature of this game is that you can set difficulty levels. If you think a certain level is too difficult to finish and beyond your capacity, you can choose an easier level; and if you think a certain level is too easy, you can choose a more challenging level. In a word, this is a really exciting game. There are not too much rules. All the graphics in this game are also of high quality. And it is worthwhile to have a try whenever you are not in a good mood. You can also invite your friends to play with you and enjoy the happy time together!

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How to play

Sprint as hard as you can! Dodge the oncoming train! Help Jake, Tricky and Fresh avoid being chased by grumpy police and his dog. build the train with calm and steady teammates! decorate the train and paint vivid and interesting hd images! hoverboard surfing! decorate the jetpack that has started! lightning fast smash stunt! challenge and help your teammates!

Overtake that grumpy security guy and grab the gold without getting hit by the subway. Fly along the track and don't stop with the

What if you can run without running on a stylish hoverboard? That's right, in Subway Surfers online game, you can go off the rails on a fancy hoverboard. You can still run left and right, jump, dodge and collect coins, but now, you'll get a little extra insurance. If you hit an obstacle, you will survive! Your hoverboard won't, but, hey, at least you're still running. Get on board as soon as you can - they're a lot of fun.

Super Sneakers

If you think you can jump high without them, wait until you've laced up those super sneakers, then start wrapping the whole subway around them. Look for the icon that looks like a pair of shoes and when you get it, be ready for the next few jumps to make the jump more than twice as high! This comes in handy with Subway Surfers online games, as you can get stuck in a rut and only go up in a straight line.

Score multiplier and more features

Paddling in super-stretchy sneakers or a nifty hoverboard can be fun, but if your mission is to get a high score, there's no better way to do it than with a score multiplier. Find that spinning star and grab it to instantly double your score. Use it in combination with other multipliers and terms to burn through scores faster and break all kinds of records. The list of items is endless, from painted Jetpacks to magnets (for collecting more coins) and more. We didn't want to give up too much exclusive Subway Surfers online content, so you'll just have to discover the rest in the Shop. Speaking of the Shop!

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