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Spider-Man Web of Shadows
Spider-Man Web of Shadows
6 May,2021
Updated:October 21, 2008
Developer: Activision
Tags: Hero Action GTA Pokemon Minecraft Cartoon coc PUBG Fortnite Terraria Roblox MC Zombies Five Nights at Freddy's DRAGON BALL Clash of Clans Cyberpunk 2077

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This game has been attracted a lot of male players attention. It can be said that this game is the classic in terms of adventuring game. This game backgrounds on New York city. By playing this game, players can experience to be heroes. Thus they can provide help for the fragile citizens who are under attack. This will give them a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. It will make human beings feel pleasure from the bottom of their heart by timely providing help for other people.

Besides, they will feel excited by destroying their enemies and getting praise from the victim rescued by them. But players can also choose to be indifferent and ignore the trapped people. They can freely choose whatever they want to finish next. This is the charming of this game.

Players have a lot of their own choice. Thus no matter what they do, they feel like they are the real master who can control the whole situation. Besides, the fighting scene is very vivid and wonderful by firing different kinds of weapon on the New York sky. This will give players a kind of feeling that they are destroying all of the bad guys in the real world. It is really a kind of cool experience to play this game.

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How to play

By playing this game, players can experience becoming heroes. So they can help vulnerable citizens who are under attack. It gives them a sense of satisfaction and satisfaction. It will make human beings feel happy from the bottom of their hearts and offer help to others in time.

In addition, they will feel excited to destroy their enemies and get the praise of the victims to save them. But players can also choose to be indifferent and ignore the trapped. They are free to choose what they want to accomplish next.

Players take on the role of Spider-Man and can web-swing, web-zip, climb walls, and use "spider sense" to identify and target enemies. Combat has been improved upon from previous games and now takes place on the ground, walls and in the air thanks to the introduction of new enemy types who can fly or stick to the ground. The game also introduces "web strikes", a game mechanic in which Spider-Man attaches his web to the nearest enemy and pulls himself towards them. This is the basis for aerial combat, but can also be used on the ground and other surfaces.

While the main story of the game is linear, various random events are constantly occurring on the game map, such as fights between gangs or, later in the story, the need to destroy the symbiotic nest. These are completely optional, but if the player chooses to intervene, they will reward him with XP. There are also many challenges, such as defeating a given number of enemies or collecting symbiote samples and collectibles, which also reward the player with XP and increase their life and net swing speed.

At specific points in the story, players are offered two choices they need to make that do not affect the overall narrative, but do affect the game's ending and Spider-Man's interactions with other characters. In addition, the game features a "reputation bar" that turns red when the player chooses the "red path" or performs a heroic act (such as saving civilians) in the above-mentioned situations; when the player chooses the "black path When the player chooses the "black road" or causes damage, the button turns black. Cities. As they move through the story, players will encounter characters who become allies, meaning they can be called out almost anytime during the game to help them fight enemies. If the prestige bar is mostly red, players can summon superheroes (Luke Cage, Moon Knight, Wolverine), otherwise they can summon villains (Black Cat, Vulture, Rhino, and Electron).

Players can switch between Spider-Man's traditional red and blue costumes and the black symbiotic costume at any point in the game. Chris Scholz of Shaba Games commented that the developers "worked to really separate the black and red suits to give the player a different feel". For example, Spider-Man in the red and blue suits is fast and agile, while Spider-Man in the symbiotic black suit is more powerful and destructive.

The on-screen mini-map is also different from the style used in previous Spider-Man games. The traditional 2D top-down view has been removed and replaced with a new 3D map with " X", " Y" and " Z" axes, which shows the player's position in three dimensions ( (North, South and Vertical). In addition, as a Wii exclusive, there are six levels of alternative costumes (Spider Massacre's Black Suit and Spider Armor, Ben Reilly, Spider-Man 2099, Cosmic Spider-Man, and Iron Spider Suit's Red Suit).

Although the player cannot roam freely after the storyline is completed, this can be achieved through a secret method that allows the player to watch the credits twice. Afterwards, when they choose to continue the game, the player will begin playing all previously upgraded new games, essentially acting as New Game Plus.

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