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Sonic Generations is a platform game in the Sonic series published by Sega. Sega launched its console (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360), PC (Microsoft Windows) and handheld (3DS) versions in North America on November 1, 3 and 22, 2011, respectively. Other regional releases followed in the month immediately following. Sonic Generations" is not only the first game in the Sonic series to offer 3D video, but also the anniversary of Sonic's 20th birthday, focusing on the history of Sonic over the past two decades.

The game is divided into three chapters, Classic, Dreamcast and Modern, based on the main periods of the Sonic series over the past 20 years, and each chapter has two or three levels (Zones). These levels are all representative of the corresponding time period, for example, the Classic chapter of "Blue Adventure" has Casino Night, while the Dreamcast chapter of "White Space and Time" has City Escape. 

In all levels, players are able to choose either Classic Sonic (Act1) or Modern Sonic (Act2) to break through, but Classic and Modern Sonic do not play the same, and White Space and Time and Blue Adventure play Classic or Modern Sonic differently from each other. The two play styles will be detailed by the following article.

The graphics in this game are really high quality. In addition, the game can be switched between 2D and 3D. In addition, many new bosses have been added to the game. More skills, of course.

You need to explore the special features of these new skills. It should be noted that the quests included in the game are very classic. Before moving to a new level, you need to unlock the current level. Also, each level is worth replaying.

The main characters in this game Sonic are still very cute and energetic. Sonic's world descends into chaos when a new force emerges that creates a "temporary void" that takes Sonic and his friends into the past. There, Sonic will meet some well-known characters. Even younger self! Together they must defeat their enemies, save their friends, and discover who is behind this evil plan.

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How to play

In addition to breaking through all passes, the player must collect all the messy emeralds scattered around every corner. You can also get chaos emeralds by reading the storyline or defeating a particular BOSS.

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