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Prison Survive Break Escape
Prison Survive Break Escape
27 Apr,2021
Updated:September 13, 2019
Developer: 9D Technologies
Tags: escape Parkour survive GTA Pokemon Minecraft Cartoon coc PUBG Fortnite Terraria Roblox MC Zombies Five Nights at Freddy's DRAGON BALL Clash of Clans Cyberpunk 2077

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Ever had the experience of escaping a prisoner? If not, then you need to download this game and enjoy the amazing adventure of prisoner game with tactical crime skills. Within this game, you are sentenced to 10 years in prison for your crime. Get ready to evade the prison security officers and kill the enemies. You are being watched through cameras and security guards. The security of the prison is not in your hands, you can run and save your life or the police officers will kill you. In this game you will kill police and prison guards. Escape from the prison and fight with the police with simple tools, it is not an easy task. Open your mind and use tactical skills to protect yourself from prison security. Prison escape simulator game has a new concept where you can play as a prisoner to escape from prison.

In this game, ask the professional criminals to imprison you in the prison and you need to think about a plan. In this crime simulator, need to plan how to break the prison and get out. All the hard time spent in the prison needs to be rewarded in your completion of the perfect jailbreak mission. Enemies are roaming around, so you need to be careful while escaping. Your enemies are so violent and harmful to you that they make you sit on ice. They also use passes to pull nails and make you hurt more. Now, you will have a chance to get out from here, so act quickly to break the prison and get out from here and you will get peace.

You have spent some hard time in this prison for punishment. Your mission in life is to save your life and enemies quickly and silently kill one by one. Use simple tools to kill enemies and save yourself from counterattacks. Use baseball bats, punches and kicks to protect yourself from enemies fighting and hitting them in the head and body. You do not have any other weapon to use except your strength. The enemies are numerous and the cameras are watching you. This prison has a high security environment and it is not easy to escape. This is a very exciting and thrilling prisoner escape game. Execute a strict plan to end this tough time.

Game Features.

-Play as hardcore prisoners in an excellent prison survival prison simulator

-Survive in an adventurous prison game using baseball bats, knives and other weapons

-Immersive prison game environment and real life prison escape sound effects

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How to play

This is a jailbreak game in which you are jailed for a crime. Avoid prison guards. Police and security personnel monitor you through the monitor. The prison is not safe, you must escape to save your life, otherwise the police will kill you. In the game, you will kill the police in the prison. Escape from prison. Use tactics to protect yourself in prison.

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