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Garena Free Fire - The Cobra
Garena Free Fire - The Cobra

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"Garena Free Fire" is a battle royale survival shooting game, launched by Garena. It will be closed and tested from November 17 to December 3, 2017. It will be officially open for download on December 4 of the same year, and then every other month. Several major revisions have been made to 2 months. The game time is about fifteen minutes. You can log in to play with Facebook or VKontakte and Google accounts, and you can also log in with guest accounts to play. Player names must not be repeated.

The game puts the player in a deserted island scene, and the player has to find various weapons and equipment in the scene, and use various game skills to defeat others in order to become the last survivor. After clearing the level, the words ``BOOYAH'' will be displayed.

Classic mode: The general mode is divided into single, double and multiplayer. There are about 50 players in one game. The maps are Bermuda, Paradise Island and Kalahari (the classic mode Paradise Island can only be played in the room mode). Relevant role experience can be obtained after the game is over, and event reward consumables can be obtained when the event is held.

Qualifying: In scoring mode, points can be added to get good rankings and battle scores. On the contrary, points will be deducted. There are seven ranks of bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, legend and pinnacle, divided into single, Double and multiplayer, with a total of about 50 players, play the game on the map of Bermuda.

Rapid mode 2.0: The initial game range is reduced, about 20 players in a game, all equipped with advanced materials.

Team Raid/Team Raid Qualifying: The players are divided into two teams, each with 4 people,seven battles and four wins system, money can be used to buy weapons and equipment, in a small area map of Bermuda, the game area will gradually shrink, so that you can live the ultimate winner.

Carnival of killing: Kill, sprint to gain energy, accumulate energy to increase speed, damage and blood volume, the highest level will be indicated by the system with a red dot on the map so that the enemy player will realize it.

Throwing knife flashes: Players fight with throwing knives in a small area. There are about 20 players in a game. The first 20 kills wins.

Team Deathmatch: The game is divided into two teams, each with four players. The competition area will not be reduced and will be played on the small map in Bermuda. There are 4 different weapon combinations. Players can substitute one of them. After the weapon combination is selected, it can be selected again when the next resurrection. The game can be resurrected indefinitely. The team that gets 40 kills first wins. (Suicide will add more kills to the enemy team.)

The social area can easily explore the elements of the map, such as: zipline, tires, etc.; the shooting range area can test the damage of each gun; the combat area can be practiced against online players, and they can be resurrected immediately after being killed. Into personal grades.

Blasting survivor: The gameplay is similar to a team raid. Use a store similar to a team raid to choose shopping. At the beginning of each round, the attacker will have a bomb. The bomb is installed at the designated location. The attacker will win when the timer is reset. If the time is installed At the end, if the bomb is not installed or the bomb is cleared by the defender, the defender wins.