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Angry Birds Space Free
Angry Birds Space Free

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"Angry Birds Space Free" is a casual puzzle game developed by Rovio Entertainment based on the previous work "Angry Birds". In the game, players need to use a slingshot to launch various birds on other planets to hit buildings and pigs. The perfect pass standard is to eliminate all the pigs in the level.

In 2013, "Angry Birds Space Free" released a new world update. This update adds buoyancy gameplay and powerful props to the game, and updates 30 new levels and 3 additional levels. In the new level, the Aqua Galaxy appears. The outer layer is still a gravitational environment, but the inner layer is full of water, so buoyancy needs to be considered. The new skill Flock of Birds can enhance the attack power of the birds, and Pig Puffer can make the pigs float. In addition, players can also use Space Egg to open black holes to activate mysterious powers.

Gameplay: The bird on the slingshot bounces, hits the green fat pig, and then smashes all the fat pigs. The bounce angle and strength of the bird are controlled by the player's fingers, so it is necessary to consider the comprehensive calculation of the strength and angle, the brakes penetrate the fat pig more accurately. The ejected bird will leave the catapult trajectory for reference angle and force adjustment.

Angry Bird Space is free, and its purpose is to avenge the fat pig who stole the "egg". These birds use the corpse as a weapon to attack the fat pig fortress.